Luigi Italian Restaurant, Bali - Amateur Review

[Luigi Italian]

Coming back to Bali awhile ago, I found this new restaurant ( when I came in Bali ) called Luigi. It was an Italian restaurant at Denpasar area. It was not so far from my place so I decided to come and have a quick bite!

Luigi Italian Restaurant
Jl. Tukad Batanghari no. 39,
Renon, Denpasar

Porto Bistreau, Tangerang - Amateur Review


It's been awhile since I'm coming back to Tangerang Area. This time, I was so bored at home and decided to meet up with my old friends. Yess, there's a lot of newly opened cafe in Tangerang but I almost barely hear one of them, especially a good one. But one of my friend recommended me this place called Porto Bistreau.

Porto Bistreau
Ruko Golden 8 Blok K No. 30, 
Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, Kelapa Dua, 
Tangerang, Banten

BEAU Cikajang - Meet Up With The Boys


It's been awhile since my last hangout with my friends to do some cafe-hoping and since all of my Uni's friends are not into these stuff, I always do it alone, such a lonely man lol. That's why it is really feel great to enjoy it once awhile with some people that share same interest with you and we decided to meet up at this not so new cafe called BEAU in South Jakarta.

Jl. Cikajang no. 29
South Jakarta

Bringing Up The Chinese Vibe - Asiatale Resto & Bar


Back again to blog world,
Last Wednesday, I had a really great time visiting this resto that I really like since their opening and I'd been there too before, but this time, I came to do some survey for one of my university's event. Yeapp, the restaurant called Asiatale Resto & Bar and it's located on Senopati area, South Jakarta. 

Asiatale Resto & Bar
Jl. Suryo no. 15
Jakarta Selatan

Nama Sushi Finally Coming to Emporium Pluit Mall


It's been 2 weeks since my last post and I've been very busy lately so I couldn't posted anything new on the blog. Since I don't know what to write for today's post, I decided to blog abut my last visit to the newly opened Nama Sushi branch in Emporium Pluit Mall, which is very near to my dorm and university ( about 5-10 mins by walking ) LOL!

Nama Sushi, Emporium Pluit Mall
Jalan Pluit Selatan Raya, RT.23/RW.8, 
Penjaringan, Kota Jkt Utara, 
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14440

Experiencing 2 Level of Izakaya Kai

[Izakaya Kai]

Izakaya Kai
Jl. Pluit Kencana Raya No. 59
Pluit, Jakarta Utara

Instagram : @izakayakai

Hi everyone!
Sorry that I haven't posted anything because of my busy schedule and now finally I've got some free time to write about another hype place in my area, yeapp! As the title said, let me tell you about my experience of the new restaurant "Izakaya Kai".

Elgin Avenue Cafe - Bali

[Elgin Avenue Cafe]

Elgin Avenue Cafe
Jl. Mertanadi, Kerobokan Kelod, 
Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, 
Bali 80361

Throwing back to my last escapade to Bali, on one day I was planned to meet up with the @balifoodies at this nice cafe called Elgin Avenue. At first, I couldn't find the cafe because they didn't put the gps for the cafe at the exact location and their name banner was too small so I couldn't find it right away.

3 Days Off From This Hectic Schedule

[Short escape]

Been awhile since my last post, and today, I'm just gonna write a short travel post of my last short escape.

It was 2 weeks ago and I was thinking to refresh my mind from the hectic schedule of my university ( most of it was from the committee of my uni's event ) then, I booked my airplane ticket using traveloka app from Jakarta to Bali. I need some time to be alone and far from all the mess I made.

10 Days Amazing Japan Trip - Part 4 : Shrine, Temple, And The Rest of Japan

[Last Part]

Finally, it's going down to the last part of my Japan Trip! [ Part 1Part 2Part 3 ]. So brace yourself for another long post that I'm gonna tell you!

So the last 2 days of my Japan trip had been quite fascinating. Why ? Because we should used the last 2 days as well as we could so we wouldn't have any regret when coming back from Japan. So we had a full scheduled plan for shrine and temple for one day ! Because we were already in Osaka area and they have so many famous Temple and Shrine at that area and nearby!

10 Days Amazing Japan Trip - Part 3 : Alpine route, Shirakawa-go and Takayama Old Town

[Kurobe Dam]

Another day has come, today we had a really hectic schedule. Because There's so many place we must visit today and the Tour guide also gave us a warning to be back in the bus on time. Our first plan started with the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. It's a one way tour with 360o view cable car and a bus to sightseeing the beauty of Kurobe dam and Alpine Landscape.

10 Days Amazing Japan Trip - Part 2 : Colorful Japan


Continuing my story from the last Part 1 . After leaving Tokyo, now we're going to the countryside. This time is the Kawaguchi Lake near the Mt. Fuji. The reason why we're staying there is because we will go to the Fuji on the next morning.

Sushi Date with Quincy - Sushi Hiro


It has been quite a long time I haven't meet my best bae, Quincy ( @quincyfans ), we decided to meet last Saturday at the not so new Sushi place called Sushi Hiro at PIK area.

Sushi Hiro
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk Boulevard, 
Ruko Garden House blok B no 18D, 
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara, 
DKI Jakarta

Disneyland Tokyo Parade

Just a glimpse from my last visit of Disneyland Tokyo's Parade

10 Days Amazing Japan Trip - Part 1 : Tips and Tokyo

[Sky Tree]

[Japan Trip]

Hey peeps, 
So today, I'll be talking about holiday. Speaking of holiday, where have you guys been ? Is it nice or not ? Is there something interesting happened ? 

For me, I'm taking 10 days trip to Japan from Golden Rama Tour. This holiday season was not that cheap, the trip that I took was quite expensive and Japan has become a hype country to visit by Indonesian nowadays. Since the price for 10 days to japan is equal to 14 days to Europe, you could probably guessing that Japan is really famous now.

First Try Coloring My Hair


It's been quite awhile since my last post. It's been a week since then, and a lot of change happen to me especially on my head, which is my hair. 

Back to Tangerang Again, Cafe Hopping and Stuff.


Hello readers,
Time flew so fast and now it's already holiday season, right?

So before closing my 4th semester of my university life, I had come to Tangerang so oftenly and did cafe hopping. Like twice. So let me reviewing some of the places I've visited last week.



Hi all,
So, this is just a random post and sharing about my new account on Steller App!

As you can see, I just made a steller account with username @alviansilver. Kindly follow me guys! Then, for the first time I used this app, I was quite shocked and amazed about how beauty this app could give. It was like making your own mini blog with a lot of captivating pict. So many great story told here and their photo was amazinggggg!

To Tell You the Truth



Hi Everyone,
So today, I'm gonna post something different than I used to post. All of you whose following my blog would know that I use to post some review some restaurant or my journey to some place. But you guys should realize that all of the content on my post are some bullsh*t lol!

Coffee Time at Ruang Seduh, Jogjakarta

[Ruang Seduh]

So after met up with Emily at Mediterranea. I was waiting for my mom to picked me up at this all white spacious coffeeshop near there called "Ruang Seduh"

Ruang Seduh
Jl. Tirtodipuran No.46, 
Mantrijeron, Kota Yogyakarta, 
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

Quick Catch Up at Mediterranea Restaurant by Kamil, Jogjakarta


Continuing my story at Yogyakarta, 
I had a meet up with my friend that I've never meet again for about a years, she's Emily ( @emilytania ), she brought her friends also, Ersy ( @ersyrsmn ) and Sari ( @sarkusumaw ). They'd arrived in Yogyakarta several days before me. They already been in so many place here unlike me and since I knew they're in Yogya, I contacted Emily to had a meet up here.

Mediterranea Restaurant by Kamil
Jl. Tirtodipuran No.24 A, 
Kota Yogyakarta,
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

Breakfast at Agenda Resto at Greenhost Boutique Hotel, Yogyakarta


Hi guys, Sorry for the long awaited post!
I'd been hospitalized last week and diagnosed with dengue fever, I'd been sick for about a week and it felt awful. No entertainment on the hospital, I can't eat because my palate suddenly going weird so anything I ate tasted bitter, I vomited a lot. Sooooo, now you guys know why I haven't post anything yet, beside I even didn't check my phone for about a week too because it felt so dizzy to look at the screen.

Colors of Jogjakarta - Portfolio

Bali's Vibe - Talking About Personal Life and How to Enjoy Your Getaway


Today's post is about "Getaway"! Why ? First, let me tell you a lil' bit about my personal life. One thing that really bother me all the time is the fact that I'm studying as a Medical Student in my university. Yeah, I choose to be a med-student but there's some reason and consideration. The biggest reason was because my parents. Since I was a kid my mom and dad told me that they really want to have their child as a doctor and I am the first son born to my family, somehow it burdened me, plus, I am a lil' bit pit with my lil' brother and sister so I decided to sacrifice for them and they could choose to be whoever they want.

Wraps & Rolls - Food To Go

[Wraps & Rolls]

Throwing back to some moment to my first time visiting this not-so-new ( well, when I came it was still new ) hype place. Yeapp it was Wraps & Rolls! I was waiting for this place to open like forever, because when it was really eccentric from the outside when they were still build this place. Colorful from the outside and it looked really different from the other restaurant or cafe beside on PIK area. Maybe it was a lil' too late to post this place, but better late than never, huh?

Wraps & Rolls 
Ruko Garden House, Blok A No. 1, 
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

Do you want to have a "Coffee With Me" ?

[Coffee With Me]

Talking about coffeeshop, there's so many new coffeeshop poppin' around especially at north jakarta somehow. So many new places I never try and sometimes It doesn't catch my attention. Some people misunderstood me that I'm a food blogger, that's why coming to a new place became a big deal for others, but not for me. I blog random stuff, well most of it was some food review but actually I didn't know how to review and deliver the message through the blog. If it's delicious then I write nice things, if it didn't make it, I don't wrote anything. lol.

Coffee With Me
Ruko Exclusive, Blok A No. 32, 
Bukit Golf Mediterania, 
Jl. Marina Indah Raya, 
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

Warteg Express - A Modern "Warteg" by FAME Jakarta.

[Warteg Express]

Warteg Express
FAME Food Art Menteng Est
Jl. H. Agus Salim No. 60, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

Throwing back to my last visit to Warteg Express, It locates in Menteng Area. Warteg Express is the biggest tenant by FAME Jakarta ( Food Art Menteng ) on H. Agus Salim street. FAME has 3 other tenants beside Warteg Express, there are Martabak Boss, Mad Rice and Noodle Station, and Sate Sosial & Beer. 

Full Team Lunch - Jjigae House, Muara Karang

[Jjigae House]

Last week, I had a skill lab class with my group in my university and unexpectedly it went so fast so we had a free time for about 2 hours, then some idea came into our mind "Let's go to jjigae house!", as we realized we never had a full team going for lunch or went somewhere.

Jjigae House
Jalan Muara Karang Raya No.40A, 
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

Licking over Gusto Gelato - Bali


Many times I came to Bali, but only this was my first time coming to this hype and famous Gusto Gelato store after all this time.

Gusto Gelato Cafe
Jalan Mertanadi No. 46B, Kuta Utara, 
Kabupaten Badung, Bali

First Try Using Xiaomi YiCam and Editing Short Vlog

Paddy Field Themed Cafe - Bali


Moved back to where I used to be, Bali. I came to 2 different cafe or restaurant that have a beautiful paddy field. It such a rare to find place like this if you live in Jakarta 'cause all of the tall building and it's the capital city so there's no available land to build the paddy field here. So it was a right decision to find this place if you are visiting bali and want to escape from the city crowd.

Coffee Hopping from Bintaro to Serpong

[Coffee Hopping]

Throwing back to 2 weeks ago when I was staying at my bro, Michael ( @michael_liang95 )'s home in Serpong. Back then, we decided to had a one day visit to Bintaro. If you don't really know where the heck Bintaro is, just look at your map because it looks quite near Serpong area. But the truth is hell nooo!! We drive for about one half hour. So it's better worth our time.

Another Getaway: Singapore

[Fly away]

Been stressed out for these couple months and last week was one of those days when I need to go far for some reason. Couldn't took it anymore, without realising I just booked my flight to Singapore right away, then had a flight at noon to Singapore. 

Quick Hang at Madre Arbanat

[Madre Arbanat]

Got 3 days off from my university, but unfortunately next Friday I've got some exam. Instead of spending my time studying, I'm just hanging out with my friends, Michael ( @michael_liang95 ) and staying at his house for 3 days in Tangerang. I use to call him Taiwan because he's a Taiwanese but already blend in with us. Then we meet up with Angela Monica ( @angelamoniica ) at this hidden coffeeshop in Serpong Area, Tangerang.

Madre Arbanat
Jalan Ki Hajar Dekantera 
Ruko Crystal 2 No 9 Gading Serpong,
Banten 15810

#MiyagiFineJapanese Food Tasting

[Miyagi Fine Japanese]

Gandaria City, Mainstreet GF unit #MG 43
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Kebayoran Lama 
Jakarta Selatan 12240
Lotte Shopping Avenue, 3rd Floor
Jl Prof. Dr. Satrio kav. 3-5, Kuningan, 
Jakarta Selatan

Last week, I was invited by my friend whose working with the Arena corp to join the Arena food talk by Miyagi restaurant. Miyagi is well known as Japanese restaurant that serve premium quality Japanese food with affordable price. This was my 2nd time being invited to Miyagi. The first time was in Gandaria City and the second one was in Lotte Shopping Avenue.

Experiencing Salted Egg Yolk Croissant by Nomz Kitchen & Pastry

[Salted Egg Yolk Croissant]

Nomz Kitchen & Pastry
Grand Indonesia Mall
Kota Jakarta Pusat, 
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

Wohpp! Hi there!
Have you heard about the most talked Salted Egg Yolk croissant in town ? Yeah, Nomz Kitchen & Pastry had this great deal when it comes to croissant.

A lil' Piece of Singapore


2 Weeks ago, when I was too tired dealing with people and life, Why? Because some people like to talk behind your back and gossiping about you. Even in real life, I didn't take it seriously because well, we're human, we made mistake, I did the same too. But what makes me sick is when people trying to take credits from me just because I was kind to them. Once or twice is an okay, then how about ten or twelve times ? I'm sick of this. I mean if you don't like me, just fucking don't like me. Don't be a plastic in front of me !

Back to the topic, My best friend, Quincy ( @quincyfans ) asked me to join her to Singapore together with her other half soul Joelle ( @joellegabriella ) also we were accompanied by her friend named Cali too.

Molten Croissant by Gambino Coffee


Gambino Coffee
Gandaria City Mall
LG Floor, in front of PaperClip
South Jakarta, Jakarta

Have you ever heard about the phenomenal salted egg ?
Well, maybe you already heard about it from Singapore's famous chicken salted egg and stuff, but have you imagine what if there is Salted egg inside the croissant ? Yeah, there is! Gambino Coffee launched their new menu about this Molten Croissant that filled up with this Salted egg sauce with the collaboration with 7 Angels only using premium ingredients.

Black Crystal from Martabak Lab, Tebet

[Martabak Lab]

Hello, it's been awhile since my last post, how ya doin'?
Last time I had an invitation from my friend to try Martabak Lab menu, so let me tell you how it's goin'

Martabak Lab
Jl. Tebet Utara Dalam No. 3, 
Tebet, Jakarta

At first, I never heard anything about Martabak Lab, and I'm not a really big fan of Martabak. As I know, there's 2 type of martabak, the sweet and the savoury one. So my first thought was like "hey, let's give it a try!". Then, as we came to the store, the owner welcomed us and he told us about their new signature martabak menu : Black Crystal Martabak

Grand Opening Haengbok, Serpong


Last saturday, I was invited by Ko Yeye ( one of Ko Sam's friend ) to attend the Grand opening of Haengbok restaurant in Gading Serpong. So he asked me to invited other food blogger that I know but some of them were busy so Quincy was the one who available to accompany me.

Welcoming the Monkey Year!

[Chinese New Year]

Actually, this is not an important post or anything but I just wanna say Happy Chinese New Year everyone and wish you all good luck and wealth!

A 1000 Km worth Tea Time at Biku

[Biku's table situation]

Why I wrote 1000 Km worth Tea Time as my Title post ? that's because last weekend, I was in Bali for about 2 days maybe or 2 and a half lol. Yeah, I was having a hard time these couples of weeks or maybe a month. So I need another getaway, I booked my flight and hotel and voilaaaa, I'm in Bali.

TIA Means This Is April

(coffee corner]

So, continuing my last hang out time with Teteh at Pepperloin Steakhouse, we moved to this eye catching store. Yeappp it was This Is April or TIA. From the outside you can see their iconic stormtrooper and Darth Vader mannequin. Well, I didn't knew that it was a cafe until they commented on my instagram. 

Juicy Meats by Pepperloin Steakhouse


Pepperloin Steakhouse
Jalan Mandara Permai VII 
Ruko The Metro Unit KS Kapuk, 
Pantai Indah, DKI Jakarta, 
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

Are you a big fan of steak ? Well, I am not. But I want to share this nice and lovely place I ate with my friend Lidya a.k.a Teteh ( @lidyatanjaya ) a while ago. As we strolled around PIK's new cafe, we were distracted by their big banner, it said that they're giving 30% discount for their soft opening.

Cafe to Cafe around Bandung

[Clairine, Nesya, Me]

So last week, I was one of the committee in my university's photography club for our junior's bonding night and guess what? It located in Bandung. So I took this chance to visit some of popular cafe here. Actually the schedule was about 10 AM we went home from Bandung by bus because our juniors had a test at Monday, but I asked my publication and documentation team, Ci Clairine ( @clairinesetyadji ) and Ci Nesya ( @nesyakrtka ) who are my senior to came along and they agreed, so we decided to rent a car in Bandung and we were ready to go.

Native Coffee Tribe

[Native Coffee]

Native Coffee Tribe
Jl. Mandara Permai VII, Penjaringan, 
Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota 
Jakarta 14460

Reviewing this not so new coffeeshop in Pantai Indah Kapuk although I'm not a food blogger. So my first time visit here was not so impressed from the outside because it was not so beautiful and too simple not like the other coffeeshop. It was not so minimalist but still this shop was quite cute.

4 Coffeeshop in One Day, Tangerang


Hey hey hey, 
Been busy these days and got no time to make a post, so many assignment in the early weeks this month and also my work as a committee is too much and I can't handle it actually. Not a good way to start 2016!