One Night Journey to BBQ Party

It's been one week after Bali,

Holiday is still one month long, and I don't have any more plan to do now,
I've been planning to do some BBQ party with my closest friends ( which I usually refer them as my brother ) when I was in Bali, I already asked them when will they be free because my plan is including a sleepover too.

Started with 2 of my best brother; ko Alex ( @alexxrex ) and ko Joan ( @stevenjoan ). They're the first 2 person I asked because Ko Alex is still in his Exam week and Ko Joan is an internship in a advertising company, so basically they're the busiest people I invite that's why I need to check their schedule first.

On the other hand, there's Ko Kevin ( @kevinwinsonata ) and Sandi ( @sandiasmara ).  Sandi is from Bandung and he's a law student in a christian university there ( although he's a muslim ), Ko kevin is already working in some company in Jakarta and his work is kinda flexible. They're the most available person I know and I don't need to check them.

After a long planning and checking schedule done, I made an invitation to them so it looks more official ( just for fun ), and I decide to BBQ-ing at Saturday, 4th July 2015 'til Sunday, 5th July 2015.

[BBQ Invitation]

A week in Bali to start my blog.

Another year has passed, although it's my first year as medical student in Atma Jaya Catholic University but the routine never changes.

And I'm start to wandering where should I go for my vacation, after awhile I got pretty excited to think about a backpacker journey like climbing up a mountain or diving in the sea. Then, I asked my big brother [ not blood related, I usually called him ko Sam because his name is Sammy @sammy_e1 ], if it's possible if we could go to Lombok if I go to Bali this time, I already calculated the price and also how to get there, it would be good if I have someone to accompany me and he's more mature than me so I should be safer. Since he said it's possible but he's not pretty sure about his schedule then I booked my flight to Bali at Tuesday, 23rd June 2015 until Monday, 29th June 2015.

This isn't my first or second or third been here, I almost went to bali every couple month. I really love the feeling to have a short getaway like in weekend to escape my stressful Uni-life. And since it's much cheaper since I have my big bro in there, it would decrease my expense.

It's began at Tuesday
At the morning I've got Remedial for OSCE last year, since I'm not passed then I should take it again this year, and then my flight using Air asia QZ7514 [ 3.10 PM ] is boarding at 2.30 PM. I got in Soekarno-Hatta International Airpot at 1 PM.

After check in and drop my luggage,
My first stop at airport is Starbucks ( since I'm really a big fan of Starbucks ) to grab a quick bite!

[Ordered Iced Signature Chocolate and Beef Panini with cheese]