Blue Christmas Luncheon

[Christmas Cards]

Merry Christmas everyone! It's the most wonderful time of the year.
So how's your christmas time ? Was it good ? or bad ?

2 Days Row Yogyakarta

[Borobudur Temple]

Hi there,
Welcome again to my another not-so-travel post! Today, I'll tell you about my last 2 days trip to Yogyakarta. After 3 days visiting Pontianak, at the next day I had some live in activity from my University for about 4 days and I should come because I'm one of the committee. Such a tiring experience and I was out of energy back then, so I took another flight straight after that live in activity at the next day to Yogyakarta.

To the Hottest City in Indonesia, Pontianak - Part 2

Just got back from Pontianak and I couldn't sleep tonight, so I decided to continuing the rest part of my Pontianak's visit.

Kwecap Veteran
Jalan Veteran No. 37, 
Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat 

Last night, I had these mini culinary trip with Ci Agatha Devie, Ci Cika and Ci Yohanna. They picked me up at Ayani Mega Mall and we headed down to the famous Pontianak signature cuisine. This was my first time trying these Kwecap. 

[Table's situation]

To the Hottest City in Indonesia, Pontianak - Part 1

[Starting my Holiday]

Greetings from Pontianak!
Some of you may ask what I'm doing here, well I'm not really sure what I'm doing here. A week after my last final test, I just booked the ticket to this city, the capital city of Kalimantan Barat province in Indonesia. It's also known as a large port trading city in Borneo.

What makes it really special is Pontianak is known as Kota Khatulistiwa ( Equator city ), why? Because it's located precisely on the equator. But because of that, I also hate this city because the temperature here is so damn high lahh!! So hotttt!

Anyway, the main reason I visit Pontianak is because the foooooooddd! Started up my food journey, I took a flight at the morning on 7th of December 2015 until 9th of December 2015. Yeapp it's a short time to enjoy all of the food here, but as you can see I'm already bored as hell in my 2nd day here. There's nothing else axcept the food in here. 

November Recap


Finally done with my Final exam and I'm kinda free right now, well.. actually this Thursday, I have OSCE ( Final test for our medical skill lab ) but it should be okay to take a rest for awhile now, hope so. Finally, it's the last day of November and I decided to post some recap about this month's highlight!

First of all, November had been a great month for me and one of the main reason is because I had a family trip with my complete family. In fact, Everytime I went overseas, my dad won't come along because he didn't like tour stuff, hotel, new food and he didn't find other country interesting too. So that's why I was a lil' bit speechless when he said he would join us ( well, with a lil' bit of force lol ) after all this years. Although it was just 2 days in Singapore, but we quite enjoyed it.

Weird Beach Obsession


Hi there,
It's been a long time since my last post, I'm currently busy with my academic life. This month is such a bit*h for me. Not only we have so many lecture but also I've got 3 test this month. Done my first and second mid test, now It's only the final test. Anyway it's only 8 hours to go for my final test, but I'm so not ready this time and kinda giving up, that's why I decide to make a post because I need some stress reliever.

What I'm gonna talk about in this post is my current weir obsession about beach!! Lol, I know I know calm down everyone. The thing you guys should know about me is everytime I'm visiting Bali, I never go to the beach. Can't you believe it ? I had visited Bali so many time in the last 2 years and haven't touch the beach yet ?

Bali Getaway - Part 2

As you guys know from the post before that I really fascinated to visit La Joya Biu - Biu, but I hadn't got a time to go there because it was so far from where I stayed. It located in Uluwatu and as I knew, it took 3 hours driving from Denpasar, so I changed my mind. But thankfully even I couldn't visit there, I had such a great time in Bali!

At the morning, I met Ko Yerdiansha ( @yerdiansha ) to had a breakfast and a cup of coffee. We picked Grain Espresso as our meeting location. As you guys know, he's one of the Bali Foodies so he's a pro in this field lol and I let him to choose the place.

Grain Espresso 
Jalan Raya Seminyak No. 16A-B, 
Kuta, Badung, 
Bali 80361

[Grain Espresso]

As the Cafe's name implies, this cafe specialities are coffee. Morning is such a good time to enjoy a cup of coffee so without thinking much, I ordered my fav coffee latte, It was caramel latte and for the breakfast dish, my choice was their salmon benedict. 

Bali Getaway - Part 1


In Frozen, Disney's phenomenal film there's a song titled: Let it go, there is a phrase that said "It's funny how some distance makes everything seem small". Maybe it was the right phrase to describe my feeling back then. That's why I took another flight to Bali Last Sunday 'til Tuesday.


So I packed my 3 days worth of clothes and other holiday essentials. I started planning and looking for my short vacation. There was some place I wanted to visit like Balangan Beach and La Joya Biu-Biu. My senior in my university told me that I should try La Joya Biu-Biu's Spa and she said it's not so pricey. 

Too bad, I couldn't visit the places that I listed before but let me show you some places that I had visited yesterday!

Nasi 4 Rasa by Sari Bagindo

[Nasi 4 Rasa]

Sari Bagindo
Kuningan City, LG Fl 
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 18 
Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia12940 

Are you curious about the food that I'm about to talk about? Yes, you should be! It is the Nasi 4 Rasa ( 4 flavours rice ) by Sari Bagindo. Sari Bagindo is a restaurant that serves the delightful rich taste of Padang cuisine. So, last Saturday I was invited to try their new menu: Nasi 4 rasa which really caught my attention, why? because I hadn’t tried this kind of dish before and it's very unique to put all the different flavors in one plate. 

Singapore Trip with Ko Sam - Part 2

September 23,  2015

Forty Hands
78 Yong Siak Street, #01-12, 
Singapore 163078

After we met Sonia, we moved to Forty Hands cafe that located near Plain Vanilla Bakery in Yong Siak Street. Sonia hadn't ordered anything before so she ordered some toast and french fries. One of Ko Sam's Singaporean friend told him that forty hands is one of the most famous cafe in Tiong Bahru. I tasted her food a little, it was a so so for me, but the sauce was nice.


Singapore Trip with Ko Sam - Part 1

[Soetta Airport]

Last week, I had another short getaway to Singapore. It was a 3 days and 2 nights trip. As you guys know, I have a 'brother' called Ko Sam ( @sammy_e1 ), Last month, 31st of August precisely, was his birthday. Because I'm so close with him, I decided to give him a birthday present. I asked him to go to Singapore with me.

Mommy's Big Day

[Mommy's big day]

Yesterday, Wednesday 16th of September 2015 was my mom's special day, I wasn't planned anything for her. So I was thinking what should I do for her since it was too late and I needed something that quick and instant. 

Sunday Night with Gaudium 2015

[Leisure time]

Finally I could post again in this blog after a long time passing through the hard week because of all the exam and yada yada yada things, but thanks god that week is over, for now.

What really nice about this week is I closed it with a very good Sunday Night Dinner with all of the committee of my University's student orientation event called Gaudium 2015, as usual, I'm always in the publication and documentation team a.k.a PUBDOK or should I say poop-dog(?).

Family Time with Culinary Festival

[Glimpse of Festival Kuliner Serpong]

At the same day after I had my breakfast at Pasar Muara Karang, I had this short quality time with my family. I went home at the evening and brought all of my dirty clothes. I'm too lazy to take it to the laundry and I always forgot to bring it home before. My mom messaged me before to come home earlier because she wanted to go to Festval Kuliner Serpong ( Serpong's Culinary Festival ) that been held in Summarecom mall Serpong ( SMS ). I remember that I spent most of my time at sms when I still in school, because it wasn't that far from my school and everyone I know always planned to meet up in there since it's a really well known mall in Tangerang area.

Saturday's Breakfie


So, today, I woke up early somehow and not so after that one of my dorm's friend, Dega ( @degasentosa ) asked me to had breakfast with him and Bryan ( @bryan_aristaa ). So I told him that I will join them. We also picked Lidya a.k.a Teteh ( @lidyatanjaya ) at her dorm too and we're set to go!

Our destination was Pasar Muara Karang ( Muara Karang Market ), there's so many different ethnic chinese from outside Java that stay in here and make a business. Most of them open up a restaurant because they have their own local's recipe and it's suitable for our taste of food. 

[Our Breakfast]

Catching Up with Quinta

[Me and Quinta]

At Friday, 28th of August 2015 me and Quinta ( @quintafebryani ) went to Emporium Mall ( The nearest mall from our campus ) after class. We went there spontaneously because actually we had schedule to make a trailer for one of our upcoming event in my University but It got postponed because some of the cast couldn’t make it that day so we had some free time.

One Day Museum Visit

When you hear the word ‘museum’, what’s the first thing that pops in your mind?

You might find it boring and no fun, right? Last week, Quincy ( @quincyfans ) asked me and Nita ( @nitaadoria ) to visit a museum on Wednesday, 27th of August 2015 and also to take some insta-able photos for our instagram's feed. We agreed and planned to meet up at Tsu Zhi, PIK at 10 AM. Because the Museum is located in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, we thought because it’s far in distance and we believed that there would be some traffic at noon so we just went earlier.

But when morning came, I overslept because I didn't have many time to sleep. It was 12 PM and I had about 10 miscalls from Quincy and Nita. After I woke up, I just jumped from my bed and called them. Quincy was very upset with me at that time lol. After we talked on the phone, I ordered a taxi by phone. Then, I rushed to the bathroom to take a shower and prepared myself. I remembered that our intention was to take many photos, so I brought 2 different clothes. First, was my black basic tee and an unbuttoned white shirt, and the second one was my shirt from my birthday, it's a two-coloured shirt, it's white from the top part until the chest part and then it goes denim blue till the ends.

After my taxi came, I took my iPad because I thought my iPad's case would look good with my clothes. An hour and a half later, I finally arrived at Tsu Zhi and then the girls picked me up there. It was really hard to please them since I was late for about 3 hours. But as we joked and played around, everything seemed okay. 

We drove while using waze as our gprs. For the first time, we just realised that Kemayoran is quite near from Pluit ( my dorm's location ), we thought it's gonna be far but we actually arrived in just 30 mins. Moving on, the museum that we were visiting named Art:1 Museum & Art Gallery.

Art 1: Museum & Art Gallery

As we arrived, we headed up to the entrance stairs and then, we entered the building. This museum is really spacious. You can see their gray floor and white walls that would fit our instagram's feed.

First Level

At the first level, you'll see some lovely white tables and chairs that you're allowed to sit on, there'll be some artistic clay too on the left side. On the right side, there'll be some graffiti on the wall and a hand painted picture about butterfly's metamorphosis that I really like.

[Gray stair]

August Recap

A lot of things has happened since my new semester has begun.
So here's my recap about random stuffs like my university life, some restaurants' reviews, my getaway and etc..

[New Semester]

Getaway to Pari Island

How y'all have been doing?

Holiday is almost over. As for me, this week is my last time to enjoy and do something for my holiday. Yes, next week is the beginning of new semester, same routine, daily lecture and bla bla bla..

So, to spend my week really wisely, I asked my friend to do a trip to Pari Island.
I've been planning to visit some island since last year, and finally I've got a chance now. First I personally asked one of my friend and the rest is her work.

My trip was quite short, it's a 2 days and 1 night trip. There's 6 of us, me, Bryan ( @bryan_aristaa ), Brazelton ( @brazelton2296 ), Nathan ( @michaelnathanielb ), Maria ( @memarielle3 ), and Cindy ( @cindyusuf ). We started it at Wednesday, 5th August 2015. First of all, I'm walking from my dorm to Bryan and Brazel's dorm at early morning, it was 4.45 AM when I've got there. Their dorm is not far from mine and it only takes 5 mins walking there. I already bring my backpack and stuff. In there, there was Maria and Nathan who already there. After 5 of us met up, we took Bryan's car and drove it to Cindy's house. Bryan parked his car in front of her house and we moved our bags and things to Cindy's car. Her mom drove us to the port in Kali Adem, Muara Angke. It's quite near from our area so we didn't worry about getting late. We used the travel package from a local guide there called Muji Travel and we must paid IDR 410.000,00 each person and we got a homestay with air conditioner, breakfast, lunch, dinner, a BBQ set, and snorkeling. So at that morning I've got a message from Mr Muji that we need to look for Mr Buthong at the port to take us to the boat.

[Kali Adem Port]

What will you do in Bandung for 2 days?

If you're asking me, I'l tell you how I spent my last short getaway in Bandung.

17th July 2015,
I had a nice dinner and short quality time with my friends from senior high school. They asked me to join them for a small trip for about 7 people to Bandung. It takes a lot of time to Bandung from Jakarta ETA 3 hours at ordinary days, and since it's Eid, I think there'll be so much traffic and could be 5-6 hours to get there. So they decided to go there at 4 AM. 

Well I haven't got my parents permission, I rushed to home after they gone, and ask if I could join my friends or not, they said they will pick me up too. My dad, he said it's okay to go since it's just 2 days and one night. 

After I told one of my friends that I could go, not so long after that, he said they've canceled their plan because just a little of them who could join. Well, I'm a bit disappointed because I already planning where to go and what outfit I should wear. well it broke my heart a little so I just fell asleep that day.

Saturday, 18th July 2015
I woke up so late today, I think it's about 1 PM ( LOL I'm so good at sleeping ), and then my dad suddenly came to my room and said "let's go to Bandung" and I was like "Really?" and I'm panicked at the moment and packed all of my stuff like clothes and and charger etc. 

So the story began now.

Since it was too late, I already predicted we'll arrive at late night. my grandma is in Bandung too with my relatives, They stay at some nice villa called Villa Teratai at Lembang ( it's like the highland part of Bandung ). Since she's there, my family first destination is to meet them.

At first, the road is not so crowded, but when we drive about 30 mins, we stuck at traffic and we just accept the reality, it's so looooooongggg journey until we arrive at Bandung, I remember it's 10 PM when we arrive at Lembang and we ate some dinner in there at Ayam bakar brebes. Near that restaurant, there's so many nice street snack stalls at the side road.

[Grilling some sticky rice]

One Night Journey to BBQ Party

It's been one week after Bali,

Holiday is still one month long, and I don't have any more plan to do now,
I've been planning to do some BBQ party with my closest friends ( which I usually refer them as my brother ) when I was in Bali, I already asked them when will they be free because my plan is including a sleepover too.

Started with 2 of my best brother; ko Alex ( @alexxrex ) and ko Joan ( @stevenjoan ). They're the first 2 person I asked because Ko Alex is still in his Exam week and Ko Joan is an internship in a advertising company, so basically they're the busiest people I invite that's why I need to check their schedule first.

On the other hand, there's Ko Kevin ( @kevinwinsonata ) and Sandi ( @sandiasmara ).  Sandi is from Bandung and he's a law student in a christian university there ( although he's a muslim ), Ko kevin is already working in some company in Jakarta and his work is kinda flexible. They're the most available person I know and I don't need to check them.

After a long planning and checking schedule done, I made an invitation to them so it looks more official ( just for fun ), and I decide to BBQ-ing at Saturday, 4th July 2015 'til Sunday, 5th July 2015.

[BBQ Invitation]

A week in Bali to start my blog.

Another year has passed, although it's my first year as medical student in Atma Jaya Catholic University but the routine never changes.

And I'm start to wandering where should I go for my vacation, after awhile I got pretty excited to think about a backpacker journey like climbing up a mountain or diving in the sea. Then, I asked my big brother [ not blood related, I usually called him ko Sam because his name is Sammy @sammy_e1 ], if it's possible if we could go to Lombok if I go to Bali this time, I already calculated the price and also how to get there, it would be good if I have someone to accompany me and he's more mature than me so I should be safer. Since he said it's possible but he's not pretty sure about his schedule then I booked my flight to Bali at Tuesday, 23rd June 2015 until Monday, 29th June 2015.

This isn't my first or second or third been here, I almost went to bali every couple month. I really love the feeling to have a short getaway like in weekend to escape my stressful Uni-life. And since it's much cheaper since I have my big bro in there, it would decrease my expense.

It's began at Tuesday
At the morning I've got Remedial for OSCE last year, since I'm not passed then I should take it again this year, and then my flight using Air asia QZ7514 [ 3.10 PM ] is boarding at 2.30 PM. I got in Soekarno-Hatta International Airpot at 1 PM.

After check in and drop my luggage,
My first stop at airport is Starbucks ( since I'm really a big fan of Starbucks ) to grab a quick bite!

[Ordered Iced Signature Chocolate and Beef Panini with cheese]