A lil' Piece of Singapore


2 Weeks ago, when I was too tired dealing with people and life, Why? Because some people like to talk behind your back and gossiping about you. Even in real life, I didn't take it seriously because well, we're human, we made mistake, I did the same too. But what makes me sick is when people trying to take credits from me just because I was kind to them. Once or twice is an okay, then how about ten or twelve times ? I'm sick of this. I mean if you don't like me, just fucking don't like me. Don't be a plastic in front of me !

Back to the topic, My best friend, Quincy ( @quincyfans ) asked me to join her to Singapore together with her other half soul Joelle ( @joellegabriella ) also we were accompanied by her friend named Cali too.

Molten Croissant by Gambino Coffee


Gambino Coffee
Gandaria City Mall
LG Floor, in front of PaperClip
South Jakarta, Jakarta

Have you ever heard about the phenomenal salted egg ?
Well, maybe you already heard about it from Singapore's famous chicken salted egg and stuff, but have you imagine what if there is Salted egg inside the croissant ? Yeah, there is! Gambino Coffee launched their new menu about this Molten Croissant that filled up with this Salted egg sauce with the collaboration with 7 Angels only using premium ingredients.

Black Crystal from Martabak Lab, Tebet

[Martabak Lab]

Hello, it's been awhile since my last post, how ya doin'?
Last time I had an invitation from my friend to try Martabak Lab menu, so let me tell you how it's goin'

Martabak Lab
Jl. Tebet Utara Dalam No. 3, 
Tebet, Jakarta

At first, I never heard anything about Martabak Lab, and I'm not a really big fan of Martabak. As I know, there's 2 type of martabak, the sweet and the savoury one. So my first thought was like "hey, let's give it a try!". Then, as we came to the store, the owner welcomed us and he told us about their new signature martabak menu : Black Crystal Martabak

Grand Opening Haengbok, Serpong


Last saturday, I was invited by Ko Yeye ( one of Ko Sam's friend ) to attend the Grand opening of Haengbok restaurant in Gading Serpong. So he asked me to invited other food blogger that I know but some of them were busy so Quincy was the one who available to accompany me.

Welcoming the Monkey Year!

[Chinese New Year]

Actually, this is not an important post or anything but I just wanna say Happy Chinese New Year everyone and wish you all good luck and wealth!

A 1000 Km worth Tea Time at Biku

[Biku's table situation]

Why I wrote 1000 Km worth Tea Time as my Title post ? that's because last weekend, I was in Bali for about 2 days maybe or 2 and a half lol. Yeah, I was having a hard time these couples of weeks or maybe a month. So I need another getaway, I booked my flight and hotel and voilaaaa, I'm in Bali.

TIA Means This Is April

(coffee corner]

So, continuing my last hang out time with Teteh at Pepperloin Steakhouse, we moved to this eye catching store. Yeappp it was This Is April or TIA. From the outside you can see their iconic stormtrooper and Darth Vader mannequin. Well, I didn't knew that it was a cafe until they commented on my instagram. 

Juicy Meats by Pepperloin Steakhouse


Pepperloin Steakhouse
Jalan Mandara Permai VII 
Ruko The Metro Unit KS Kapuk, 
Pantai Indah, DKI Jakarta, 
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

Are you a big fan of steak ? Well, I am not. But I want to share this nice and lovely place I ate with my friend Lidya a.k.a Teteh ( @lidyatanjaya ) a while ago. As we strolled around PIK's new cafe, we were distracted by their big banner, it said that they're giving 30% discount for their soft opening.