A lil' Piece of Singapore


2 Weeks ago, when I was too tired dealing with people and life, Why? Because some people like to talk behind your back and gossiping about you. Even in real life, I didn't take it seriously because well, we're human, we made mistake, I did the same too. But what makes me sick is when people trying to take credits from me just because I was kind to them. Once or twice is an okay, then how about ten or twelve times ? I'm sick of this. I mean if you don't like me, just fucking don't like me. Don't be a plastic in front of me !

Back to the topic, My best friend, Quincy ( @quincyfans ) asked me to join her to Singapore together with her other half soul Joelle ( @joellegabriella ) also we were accompanied by her friend named Cali too.

[Haji Lane]

My trip was short, I arrived at Tuesday, 16 February 2015, approximately 8.00 PM in Singapore then I went back and arrived Wednesday, 17 February 2015, 8.00 PM too in Jakarta, so if my count was right, I was in Singapore for only 1 full day :')

[Me & Joelle]

But hell yeahh, I didn't expected it would be amazing when I met Joelle, because Quin was busy with Cali. So it just me and Joelle. We really had fun together, we were like drunk person. We sang and walk like we made a music video, we met this Nigerian big sized girl named Sophie and we had many selfie with her. Then we even lay on the main street of Clarke Quay at midnight and laughed our heart out. Well, Quin was happy because 2 of her best friend could get along really really well.

[Haji Lane]

Nothing much we did in here, we just went to mainstream places because this was Quin and Joelle's first time in Singapore. We just visited Haji Lane and took some pict here.


Shop Wonderland
37 Haji Ln, 
Singapore 189230


When we were in Haji Lane, we visited one of my fav Cafe named Shop Wonderland, I knew this place because last time I found this place and hang out together with my junior. So before we explored Haji Lane, we were too tired because we didn't have enough sleep and the girls hadn't put their make up on, so we choose this place to stay awhile and the girls put their make up on.

[Banana Rum cake]

We ordered drinks and one cake, it was Banana Rum cake if I'm not mistaken. For me it was a so so, but Joelle really liked the cake I don't know why she said she really likes the banana but I even could barely tasted the banana there. Sometimes I wonder why Singapore's cafe are so expensive than Indonesia, I mean they sell a cake for S$ 6 - 8 and it equals Rp 60.000,- until Rp 80.000,- when in here, we could get a cake with only Rp 40.000,-. That's why people in here really need to work in such a young age because the living cost is too damn high. But still, I really love this cafe because of the ambience.

[4 Selca]

Kith Cafe
9 Penang Rd, #01-01E Park Mall, 
Singapore 238459

[Kith Cafe]

Another great thing happened in Singapore was I met Brandon ( @boywithhaemoglobin ) and Kevin ( @kevin_the_hiak ), They are famous instagrammer in Singapore but also friendly, I just told Brandon that I'll come to Singapore, and we arranged our meet up in Kith Cafe for some breakfast.

[Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Egg]
[Better than Benny]

We ordered their brunch menu like Kith Breakfast, Better than Benny, Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Egg ( Price : S$ 19.00 / each menu ). With the expensive price, I was expecting it would be good. For Brandon and Kevin, this was also their first time here. But the taste was so ordinary or maybe it was because we ordered the brunch menu which is nothing special, it's only a breakfast. Well I don't know either. But what I ate was only hotel breakfast standard. But, I like their smoked salmon and their sunny side up.

[Me, Kevin, Brandon]

Well, it was nice to meet them even our time was short. Then I went to meet Quin and Joelle at Chinatown. Before going to the airport and Leaving Singapore. I bought Garrett Popcorn first because many people asked me to buy it for them. 


After hanging out awhile in Chinatown, we went to Airport and flight back to Jakarta. I realised that, whenever I feel tired with life, the best medicine are to fly away as far as I can, then have a good laugh with some of my friend then I could renew myself and ready to face off my fuckin' reality again. Well I didn't regret wasting my money for only one day in Singapore. You can earn money later but you can't buy happiness, and since this is my happiness, why not ?

See yaaa Singapore.

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