Mommy's Big Day

[Mommy's big day]

Yesterday, Wednesday 16th of September 2015 was my mom's special day, I wasn't planned anything for her. So I was thinking what should I do for her since it was too late and I needed something that quick and instant. 

Sunday Night with Gaudium 2015

[Leisure time]

Finally I could post again in this blog after a long time passing through the hard week because of all the exam and yada yada yada things, but thanks god that week is over, for now.

What really nice about this week is I closed it with a very good Sunday Night Dinner with all of the committee of my University's student orientation event called Gaudium 2015, as usual, I'm always in the publication and documentation team a.k.a PUBDOK or should I say poop-dog(?).

Family Time with Culinary Festival

[Glimpse of Festival Kuliner Serpong]

At the same day after I had my breakfast at Pasar Muara Karang, I had this short quality time with my family. I went home at the evening and brought all of my dirty clothes. I'm too lazy to take it to the laundry and I always forgot to bring it home before. My mom messaged me before to come home earlier because she wanted to go to Festval Kuliner Serpong ( Serpong's Culinary Festival ) that been held in Summarecom mall Serpong ( SMS ). I remember that I spent most of my time at sms when I still in school, because it wasn't that far from my school and everyone I know always planned to meet up in there since it's a really well known mall in Tangerang area.

Saturday's Breakfie


So, today, I woke up early somehow and not so after that one of my dorm's friend, Dega ( @degasentosa ) asked me to had breakfast with him and Bryan ( @bryan_aristaa ). So I told him that I will join them. We also picked Lidya a.k.a Teteh ( @lidyatanjaya ) at her dorm too and we're set to go!

Our destination was Pasar Muara Karang ( Muara Karang Market ), there's so many different ethnic chinese from outside Java that stay in here and make a business. Most of them open up a restaurant because they have their own local's recipe and it's suitable for our taste of food. 

[Our Breakfast]

Catching Up with Quinta

[Me and Quinta]

At Friday, 28th of August 2015 me and Quinta ( @quintafebryani ) went to Emporium Mall ( The nearest mall from our campus ) after class. We went there spontaneously because actually we had schedule to make a trailer for one of our upcoming event in my University but It got postponed because some of the cast couldn’t make it that day so we had some free time.