Coffee Hopping from Bintaro to Serpong

[Coffee Hopping]

Throwing back to 2 weeks ago when I was staying at my bro, Michael ( @michael_liang95 )'s home in Serpong. Back then, we decided to had a one day visit to Bintaro. If you don't really know where the heck Bintaro is, just look at your map because it looks quite near Serpong area. But the truth is hell nooo!! We drive for about one half hour. So it's better worth our time.

Pigeonhole Coffee
Blok P2 No. 12330, Jalan Merpati IV No.20, 
Pesanggrahan, Jakarta

[Inside View]

This was the first coffee stop in Bintaro, I thought they named it Pigeon hole because it's located on Pigeon street. But the inside was pretty comfy and stunning. The barista was also nice to us.


This was my fav corner from the store, it looks so clean and a really nice space to work and did stuff. Actually while I was here, I was studying for my exam also and although this coffeeshop was crowded, I still could concentrate with my study.

[Caffe Latte]

We only ordered Caffe latte here. For the coffee it was nice, smells good and the latte art was simple. Price was regular like other store.


Then this is the outside's view. You may find it familiar right? because this was the mandatory spot to take photos in Pigeonhole Coffee, and somehow this wall goes viral on instagram and etc because people getting hyped about this cute place.

Kopi Manyar 
Blok O2 Pesanggrahan, Jl. Bintaro Tengah Blok O2 No.14, 
Bintaro, Jakarta Selatan, Kota Jakarta Selatan, 
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta


Another hyped place on Bintaro lead us to our 2nd stop from Pigeonhole, it was Kopi Manyar. At first, you won't notice this place. Believe me, we had round and round looking for this place and we found out that we already passed this place many times. Why ? Because the outside of this place is look like a typical minimalist house without any sign that this is a coffeeshop. But when you came to the inside, BAMMMM! It was so beautiful, they were pretty smart to combined indoor and outdoor themed inside one store. But unfortunately I couldn't took a lot of pic because this place was too crowded back then.

[Green tea Latte and Cafe Latte]

My mandatory coffee, cafe latte was the menu I ordered and Green Tea latte for Michael. Another great place with a good coffee is unforgettable.


Next menu we ordered was...... I forgot the name, but this was a pancake served with ice cream on top and traditional Indonesian's brown sugar sauce. You could feel the western kind of dish with a touch of Indonesia. Who knew it would taste good although it was too sweet for me.

Yeapp, Bintaro was nice to enjoy, 2 coffesshops that we visited was worth the time, Godd job Bintaro. Then we headed back to Serpong, while I was noticed another nice place on our way back home in Serpong Area.

Algorithm Coffee & Desserts 
Ruko Mendrisio 3 Blok B nomor 19 
Gading Serpong, Cihuni, Kec. 
Tangerang, Banten 

[Michael and me]

I never new that I would visit Algorithm that day because I thought it was somewhere in Jakarta, but when I saw it in Serpong, I was excited. I asked Michael to stop here for awhile.


Nothing much we ordered, because our tummy was full from all of the food and coffee we ordered before in Bintaro. But the taste was good, nice coffee. Unfortunately for the chocolate nutella something I don't know was a lil' bit chewy and it's hard to eat and swallow it. Texture was nice, but againnnnn it was too sweet for me. 

Anyway, we just hang around there not so long and it closed our day because I need to went back to Pluit where I'm currently staying and that's it. It was nice coffee hopping, I wish I had more free time to do these again later.

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