Hi all,
So, this is just a random post and sharing about my new account on Steller App!

As you can see, I just made a steller account with username @alviansilver. Kindly follow me guys! Then, for the first time I used this app, I was quite shocked and amazed about how beauty this app could give. It was like making your own mini blog with a lot of captivating pict. So many great story told here and their photo was amazinggggg!
So, I just made one and it's called "Tangerang Coffeeshop" and yeap, I took a lot of pict from my blog also and it was quite hard to edit the pict one by one. Then my photos was not much either and I made a story about coffeeshop that located on Tangerang area so people could try their place.

I just posted it yesterday, but then Steller emailed me that my story has been selected to Stellerverse collection for one whole day. I don't know it was an achievement or just a random pick since I was new in here. But it surely give me lots of like and comment. I hope you guys could saw it and like it too. Just find me on Steller @alviansilver

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