Quick Catch Up at Mediterranea Restaurant by Kamil, Jogjakarta


Continuing my story at Yogyakarta, 
I had a meet up with my friend that I've never meet again for about a years, she's Emily ( @emilytania ), she brought her friends also, Ersy ( @ersyrsmn ) and Sari ( @sarkusumaw ). They'd arrived in Yogyakarta several days before me. They already been in so many place here unlike me and since I knew they're in Yogya, I contacted Emily to had a meet up here.

Mediterranea Restaurant by Kamil
Jl. Tirtodipuran No.24 A, 
Kota Yogyakarta,
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta


Emily told me that she saw this restaurant when she passed by and this restaurant was crowded, so we're gave it a try, judging it would be good if the place crowded lol.

[Table's situation]

We ordered Penne Tuna and Spinach, Chicken Shish Kebab, Smoked Salmon, some pizza and flat bread

[Smoked Salmon]

I ordered smoked salmon as a starter for myself. Don't underestimate the portion because the taste worth the price, it was super delicious and really a must try! It tasted better when you ate it with the greeny sauce on the plate.

[Chicken Shish Kebab]


Then for my main course, I picked Chicken Shish Kebab since it was their recommended menu. I was shocked with their portion because it was really huge, like all the food pilled up on my plate. I didn't know if I could finish it or not. 


The chicken was amazing! it was rich of flavors and really savory. What I got on my plate was this Mexican type of rice, veggies salad, some bread, and this kind of Mexican marinated veggies that tasted amazingggggg! You guys must try this menu when visiting here!

[Flat bread]

Their pizza and flat bread was delicious too, I forgot what we ordered but let me tell you one thing, so far of what we ordered, the portion was generous and their food was delicious too, so it was worth the price. Don't worry about the taste also.

[Tuna and Spinach Penne]

Last was Sari's order, she picked Tuna and Spinach Penne, and since the portion was too big for herself, we helped her to ate those penne that's why I could tell you how it tasted. Penne cooked nicely and the spinach was the hero. It tasted healthy and refreshing.

[Emily, Ersy, Me, Sari]


Look how happy we were, meet up that accompanied by good food was the best. We talked and chatted a lot. Getting knew new people was amazing but we were devastated to finish our food because the portion was too much and all of us already ate before came here loll. Note to you guys, better prepare an empty stomach when you wanna eat here. Taste was 4.6 / 5 and price was affordable! Make sure you visit this place when visiting Yogyakarta!

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