Cafe to Cafe around Bandung

[Clairine, Nesya, Me]

So last week, I was one of the committee in my university's photography club for our junior's bonding night and guess what? It located in Bandung. So I took this chance to visit some of popular cafe here. Actually the schedule was about 10 AM we went home from Bandung by bus because our juniors had a test at Monday, but I asked my publication and documentation team, Ci Clairine ( @clairinesetyadji ) and Ci Nesya ( @nesyakrtka ) who are my senior to came along and they agreed, so we decided to rent a car in Bandung and we were ready to go.

Jl. Karangsari No.10, 
Bandung, Jawa Barat 40161

[Triple Panacotta]

We came to this cafe in Jalan Karangsari, I know this cafe from a friend of mine and decided to pay a visit. This cafe looked so elegant and expensive from the outside and their inside interior was charming too, we thought it would be expensive but it wasn't. Their price was standard and affordable and really worth. But we came here after we ate so we just ordered dessert and tea. We tried their triple panacotta, and didn't realised that it would be so good. Nothing special about this dessert except their texture, soft and silky. Why they called it triple? Because they presented their panacotta in 3 different flavours, chocolate, green tea and vanilla. My fav one is chocolate.

Two Hands Full
Jl. Sukajadi No.198A, 
Sukajadi, Kota Bandung, 
Jawa Barat 40162

[Two hands full]

Next we moved to this famous cafe, not to mention their crowded place that made us a bit confused because there was too many people there and we couldn't choose a perfect place to sit also. But their coffee was one of the best I tried in Bandung. We enjoyed every sip of our coffee and tea while eating their Baileys Mille crepes. 

Old Ben's Coffee
Jalan Terusan Prof. Dr Sutami Kav. 23, Sukasari, 
Bandung, Jawa Barat

[Old Ben's]

Last coffeeshop we visited before leaving Bandung was Old Ben's coffee. I knew this place because one of my friend is their barista and we even met there because it was his shift hour. I ordered another flat white which is my favourite coffee and Ci Clairine ordered Affogato, and Ci Nesya ordered Ben's Dalk.


For my coffee was delicious but I must say that it was not the best I had, just ordinary. The latte art was simple and beautiful. I didn't taste the affogato but Ci Clairine said it was nice, and also our fav food here was their Ben's talk. It was a crispy chicken which served with the korean sweet and spicy sauce on the top, and we ate it deliciously while it was still hot. Make sure you come visit this store because good food and coffee and their ambience was nice too.

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