Full Team Lunch - Jjigae House, Muara Karang

[Jjigae House]

Last week, I had a skill lab class with my group in my university and unexpectedly it went so fast so we had a free time for about 2 hours, then some idea came into our mind "Let's go to jjigae house!", as we realized we never had a full team going for lunch or went somewhere.

Jjigae House
Jalan Muara Karang Raya No.40A, 
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

Located on pluit area, north Jakarta and not so far from our university made us want to go there also. These place also one of the hype place to go in this area. It was confirmed by the crowd and the waiting list that made us wait.


Jjigae is an originally dish from Korea which is  a stew that contains meat, seafood, vegetables with a selection of broth and have many variant also.

[Gettin' ready]

In this place, they had 3 different broth which is Kimchi, Chicken and Beef.

Then the next step is you choose what meat you want to eat in your jjigae :
  • Chicken 
    • ( Individual : IDR 46.000,- , Set for 2 : IDR 88.000,- , Set for 4-6 : IDR 172.000,- )
  • Beef 
    • ( Individual : IDR 48.000,- , Set for 2 : IDR 92.000,- , Set for 4-6 : IDR 180.000,- )
  • Prime Beef 
    • ( Individual : IDR 54.000,- , Set for 2 : IDR 104.000,-, Set for 4-6 : IDR 204.000,- )
  • Pork 
    • ( Individual : IDR 48.000,- , Set for 2 : IDR 92.000,-, Set for 4-6 : IDR 180.000,- )
  • Seafood 
    • ( Individual : IDR 58.000,- , Set for 2 : IDR 112.000,-, Set for 4-6 : IDR 220.000,- )
  • Vegetarian 
    • ( Individual : IDR 40.000,- , Set for 2 : IDR 76.000,-, Set for 4-6 : IDR 148.000,- )

Because we were 12 people here so we ordered 2 set for 4-6 jjigae, we choose prime beef and pork and for the broth we picked chicken because they had a promo discount 10% for the chicken broth.

[Add On]

Since it is a DIY stew, so we could add some Ramen ( IDR 22.000,- each ), and many other add on. They had so many Add On's list but we only ordered the Fish ball ( IDR 22.000,- ), Egg ( IDR 8.000,- ) and also Shimeji or Shitake mushroom ( IDR 18.000,- ).

[Side dish]

We got the free side dish also, it had kimchi the traditional Korean dish, some macaroni, beans, salt vegetables. Jjigae house also had their appetizer menu, but one of the menu we ordered was their Tteokbokki ( IDR 28.000,- ), which is a rice cake dish served with the traditional sweet and spicy Korean sauce.

[My bowl]

The portion of the food was generous for the stew, but I was pretty upset with the tteobokki's portion. It was too small and too expensive for the price. But the food was nice and not smelly. It was really one of best choice for shared food with your friends, especially when you came with a lot of people. Well the chicken broth was a lil' bit plain but after all it was nice.

[Watermelon Mocktail]

To end this lunch, we ordered some Watermelon Mocktail ( IDR 76.000,- ) for 4 people,  you can choose which one you like, with soda or alcohol. I really want to try the alcohol but some of our friends doesn't drink, especially the girls.

[Full Team]

Well, it was a nice lunch experience, importantly we enjoyed our food and our quality talk time, we joked and played a lot!

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