Do you want to have a "Coffee With Me" ?

[Coffee With Me]

Talking about coffeeshop, there's so many new coffeeshop poppin' around especially at north jakarta somehow. So many new places I never try and sometimes It doesn't catch my attention. Some people misunderstood me that I'm a food blogger, that's why coming to a new place became a big deal for others, but not for me. I blog random stuff, well most of it was some food review but actually I didn't know how to review and deliver the message through the blog. If it's delicious then I write nice things, if it didn't make it, I don't wrote anything. lol.

Coffee With Me
Ruko Exclusive, Blok A No. 32, 
Bukit Golf Mediterania, 
Jl. Marina Indah Raya, 
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

This post I will tell you about my last visit to Coffee With Me, one of the hypest new place in PIK. I came here with my friend William ( @williamhardjo ) because we haven't meet for some quite times. Because we're from different university and his is located in Tangerang which is far away from my dorm Pluit, north Jakarta. So we decided to meet up and trying this new place

[Caffe Latte]

Coffee was the first thing that caught my attention, hoping that this one will give me some nice coffee. I don't know how to review a coffee but here's what I remember. I ordered a caffe latte ( as usual ) since it is my fav coffee, the caffeine was taste quite strong, the aroma was nice. For the latte art it was quite simple and nothing special. Not too sweet also. For me, it was a nice coffee.

[Table's Situation]

Next! Let's move to the food. First I ordered the Sandwich of the day, they have 2 choices for the meat, pork or chicken. Of course I choose pork! Yeahhh, pork is the best. They served the sandwich with some potato chips. Chips was ordinary, tasted like commercial potato chips we use to eat for snack. Portion of the food was so generous, thankyou to whoever made this menu, because that time I was superrr hungryyyyyy like crazy! Then inside the 2 layers bread, we could found the pork and some veggies. I was a lil' bit shock when I ate the veggies, it tasted so fresh somehow and I don't know why also, mayonnaise was also nice too. The best part of it was the pork. It was a perfect gold color, and it was sweet too. I thought it would be like savory all the way, but it seems like the pork was cooked and sauced also. So I'm a big fan!

Our second dish was their homemade banana bread. Hey peopleee it is homemadeeeee! So you guys should consider how good it was. Banana bread that William ordered was super nice, warm and sweet, also their banana essence was really strong when we ate it. Portion was not so small also that's why I'm loving this place.

[William and Me]

Lastly for the place, it was pretty comfy because it was quite a nice space and so many small sofa in here. It made me wanna stay here as long as I can. Ambience was nice. I love the gray cemented floor and that white floral tiles on it which was so nice to view. Most of this place was filled with white, gray and blue colors. We had a really great time hanging out at this cafe, will be coming here a lot for sure.

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