Porto Bistreau, Tangerang - Amateur Review


It's been awhile since I'm coming back to Tangerang Area. This time, I was so bored at home and decided to meet up with my old friends. Yess, there's a lot of newly opened cafe in Tangerang but I almost barely hear one of them, especially a good one. But one of my friend recommended me this place called Porto Bistreau.

Porto Bistreau
Ruko Golden 8 Blok K No. 30, 
Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, Kelapa Dua, 
Tangerang, Banten




Just like I said, I barely hear new cafe's name in Tangerang since I was busy wit life ( university, problems and lots ) and I never heard Porto Bistreau before. It located near the Turning Point and Daily Press coffee. The place was a lil' bit small on the ground floor but the upstairs was quite spacious. We didn't get the white table near the window that is really insta-friendly so we decided to sit at the outside. It was pretty warm.

[Table's situation]

For the food, we didn't ordered much and I even forget some of the name lol. What I remembered we ordered the chicken salad, Fish Ala Provencale and the Hell's Chicken. 

[Chicken Salad]




For the appetizer, we shared the chicken salad. For the salad itself, it was quite basic and nothing special but the chicken strips that made it delicious. It was like the chicken was the highlight than the salad but overall it was a good salad.

[Fish Ala Provencale]



As the main course, I ordered the Fish Ala Provencale. It was really good, the fish meat texture was soft and tender. I got a bacon too and served with some vegetables. It was really good, especially the sauce and the portion was generous.

[Hell's chicken]



Next, we had this Hell's Chicken. So basically, it was the chicken strips from the salad but coated with different type of sauce. They served us with chili sauce also because it was supposed to be spicy. But for you who can't eat spicy food like me, don't worry! It was not so spicy like their menu name. It still edible lol.

[Tea Set]


For the drink, we ordered the Tea set. Why? Because it refillable and we could share it that means we don't need to waste money on the drinks. We're a lil' bit broke back then lol.

[Deyana, Angel, Mike, Me]

Overall, the price was a lil' bit expensive but it was worth the taste, portion? don't ask, because they're so generous about it. Place was really nice, it was perfect to have lunch here with your friends and I'm really recommended it to you guys if you happen to visit Tangerang area. 

So that's it for today's post! See youuu!

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