Quick Hang at Madre Arbanat

[Madre Arbanat]

Got 3 days off from my university, but unfortunately next Friday I've got some exam. Instead of spending my time studying, I'm just hanging out with my friends, Michael ( @michael_liang95 ) and staying at his house for 3 days in Tangerang. I use to call him Taiwan because he's a Taiwanese but already blend in with us. Then we meet up with Angela Monica ( @angelamoniica ) at this hidden coffeeshop in Serpong Area, Tangerang.

Madre Arbanat
Jalan Ki Hajar Dekantera 
Ruko Crystal 2 No 9 Gading Serpong,
Banten 15810

[Food & Drinks]

So, from the outside you barely can see this place as a coffeeshop, but when you step in to the shop this place give you some comfy atmosphere. This place is really perfect and made to hang out or studying or do some group work.

[Arbanat Cartepillar]

Arbanat Cartepillar ( IDR 35.000,- )
For you who love dessert, this is the perfect menu for you. It seems like a burger but with 3 patched buns and you could choose the colour of the buns, they had black, brown, red and green. At the middle, you get 3 scoops of ice cream, they had 3 variant of ice cream, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. The bun's dough was nice, portion was generous, and price is affordable. Presentation looked so cute, served with some honey sauce, honey star cereal, some sprinkles and traditional cotton candy.


Hot Caffe Latte ( IDR 32.000,- )
For the coffee, I choose my fav menu, hot caffe latte. Coffee was an okay but not so good. Aroma smells good. Latte art was so simple. but still cannot satisfying my appetite because it was too bitter for a coffee.

So, we're still hanging here because the atmosphere was really good and still this tiny hidden coffeeshop can really be your choice if you want to spend your quality time with your friends or do some group project or work, but most important is enjoy your today's holiday!

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