Breakfast at Agenda Resto at Greenhost Boutique Hotel, Yogyakarta


Hi guys, Sorry for the long awaited post!
I'd been hospitalized last week and diagnosed with dengue fever, I'd been sick for about a week and it felt awful. No entertainment on the hospital, I can't eat because my palate suddenly going weird so anything I ate tasted bitter, I vomited a lot. Sooooo, now you guys know why I haven't post anything yet, beside I even didn't check my phone for about a week too because it felt so dizzy to look at the screen.

Now back to the thing!
What I'm gonna told you about today is my last visit to Greenhost Boutique Hotel as you know before that 2 weeks ago, I went to Yogyakarta to celebrate the Vesak Day on Borobudur Temple, and also join the 1000 lantern event, it was so beautiful and magnificent, one of the thing you should do before you die!

[1000 Lantern]

But I'm not gonna talk about the lantern today because I'm gonna reviewing the hotel. So when I booked my flight to Yogyakarta, it was chaos! My mom suddenly asked me to book a hotel and ticket 'cause she wanted to go to Borobudur temple on Vesak Day just a week before! The problem was every flight was so damn high and all the hotel near Borobudur temple was full booked! So that's why I picked a hotel on the Yogyakarta area and it was Greenhost Hotel


Greenhost Boutique Hotel
Jalan Prawirotaman II No. 629, 
Brontokusuman, Mergangsan, 
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

Greenhost is one of the hypest hotel in Yogyakarta, it was all over the social media and it reached at the peak of their popularity when one of Indonesian movie used this location to shoot some scene! Yeaap it was "AADC 2", now you probably know why it was really famous!

[Lobby #2]
[Lobby #3]
[Swimming pool]

This hotel was really beautiful, with their green house concept, they planted the green plant all over their gray cemented wall, every side and corner of this hotel was covered with green bush which is really nice combination and with some touch of the wood floor, this hotel really gave you a minimalist modern design and cozy feels.

[Hotel's view]
[Hotel's view #2]
[Hotel's view #3]

With the hype publicity and a really affordable price for a night, this place became too crowded so you guys better book it a week or 2 weeks before first because this place is a real deal! Their room service was so friendly and nice, especially the receptionist at the lobby, you could ask here direction, call a taxi or even 'becak'. They'll help you with a smile. :) 

[Morning Shot]

Their room was super minimalist and eco friendly, with all the white space, wood interior, it was super uber cute room and it was really comfy to sleep at their big fluffy bed! I have a really nice sleep here.

[Travel Essential]

For the breakfast, since my room didn't include breakfast so I got nothing to eat at that morning, I planned to go upstair to their 4th level because that is where they had their mini hot house and their restaurant because the last time I visit here, I didn't get a chance to visit the restaurant above.

[Hot house]
[Hot House #2]

This little hot house was one of the best spot to take a picture here, no wonder because all the green plant grows nicely here and really fresh to look at it. Next beside this mini hot house, There is this good ambience restaurant called Agenda Resto & Vibes!


Agenda Resto and Vibes
4th level of Greenhost Boutique Hotel,

[View #2]
[View #3] 
[View #4]

Look how beautiful this place is! the waiters also nice in here and they had some promo when I came here, so yeayyyy cheaper price! This place gave you the coziest ambience ever with all of the wood interior here and at morning or noon, the sunlight will go through the restaurant, It felt warm inside. Also the resto was full of green plants which is this place on point concept.

[Table's Situation]

I terribly sorry but I really really forgot about what menu I ordered before, it was really a long time ago and I couldn't find their menu on google also lololl!


So let me describe you about the food I ate before but sorry for the wrong menu name because I really couldn't remembered it, this is the Italian meatballs served with the tomato sauce and poached egg on the top! For the taste I gave 3.8 / 5. What I really love about this meatballs was the texture. It melts in your mouth, I swear!


Looks how stunning this meatballs! and look how the sauce drippin' from the fork. It was really a mouth watering looks.


Next, we had this sandwich, it was 2 layered bread, and inside of the bread there is ham, veggies and mayonnaise sauce, and melted cheese sauce on the top of the bread. Taste was soso, portion was generous than the meatballs.

Overall, I got one nice breakfast before starting my activity because it was gonna be a really long day! and Yeay for the Agenda Resto and Greenhost hotel, I could have a nice sleep and food before. Really enjoying this place and there was one thing I regret because of the time limit and tight schedule, I couldn't do it, yeapp I couldn't swim here. Too bad, I was really wanted to swim at that time.!

[Last pic]

So thats it for today, I hope you guys enjoy my post and don't forget to subscribe my blog to get a notification for the next post!

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