Another Getaway: Singapore

[Fly away]

Been stressed out for these couple months and last week was one of those days when I need to go far for some reason. Couldn't took it anymore, without realising I just booked my flight to Singapore right away, then had a flight at noon to Singapore. 

Nothing much I did in here, I found that I had the best remedy when I was far from everything and Singapore is far enough for me. I knew it costed me a lot but somehow I prefer losing my money than facing all of the stress and pressure back then.

I contacted all of my senior high school mates who studied there but only one who was available back then. Yes it was one of my bae, Sonia ( @soniahocksanda ). If you realised, I have mentioned here before at my post titled "Singapore Trip with Ko Sam - Part 1 Part 2 "

My time was spent well here, I enjoyed walking at night, strolled around Marina Bay Sands. Everything in here looks beautiful and magnificent, the fresh air was really nice. I wish that I could move all of these pretty building and scenery to my country lol.

Before walking around Marina Bay Sands, Sonia took me to this place that sell chicken salted egg where she use to eat.

Cui Xiang Yuan
Cambridge Road

[Chicken Salted Egg]

There is a food court at Cambridge Road, and there is this Cui Xiang Yuan food stall that sell Chicken Salted Egg. From the presentation, it was tempting and smelled really nice. They have 2 different portion: small and medium.

[Closer look]

The chicken was coated perfectly with the salted egg, everything looks beautiful from the outside so now let's talk about the taste. The salt was okay and the chicken was really crisp. Although it was a lil' bit spicy for me but when I ate it, I enjoyed every bite of the chicken. 

[Table's situation]

Because this was my first time eating chicken salted egg, I really can't tell you guys that it was the best or better than the other. But it was worth the price. So don't worry to try this place.

Next, we moved to this famous place that I heard before. It was Swee Choon Tim Sum.

See Choon Tim Sum Restaurant
183-191 Jalan Besar, 
Singapore 208882

[Table's situation]

This place was really crowded even though it was already 2 AM. They had so many variant dim sum in here from fried to steam and many more. We ordered so many dim sum. The price was not really that high, it costed about S$ 2.00 - S$ 3.50 each.

[Side dish]
[Har kow]
[Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun]
[Sanghai Xiao Long Pau]
[Siew Mai]
[Chicken Claw]

You can also check their menu in here ! Everything I ate here were undoubtedly delicious although the portion was not so generous and the presentation was so-so, but I'm loving their juicy xiao long pau and siew mai, both on my top 3 recommended menu list. Then we had this soft har kow which was really good too and I can't describe every each of the menu we ate. But here's our two best menu we picked.

Sonia picked the Steamed Pork Ribs

[Steamed Pork Ribs]

I don't know why she choose this one as the best because I didn't like this the most. It tasted awful especially there's some kind of vegetables that looked like cassava I think and it tasted really yuck for me. But the pork was nice even the portion was too small for me.

For my favourite menu, I picked their Chee Cheong Fun

[Chee Cheong Fun]

Guys! Hear me! This is the besttttt of the best I ever eat. The texture of the rice noodle itself was really soft and perfectly blend inside my mouth and the best part was.... wait for it..... the sauce to dip in. It tasted absolutely amazing and can't described it with word. A lil' bit salty which I really like, but also sweet and savoury. 

Also that Swee Choon was the last thing we did before we closed our day, and for the next morning, I took another flight to go back to Jakarta. I had a class that really affect my academics so it was a must to attend it. Yeah, I still had all of my problem but it was a lil' remedy for me. So let's moving on and see how it's going.

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