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[Wraps & Rolls]

Throwing back to some moment to my first time visiting this not-so-new ( well, when I came it was still new ) hype place. Yeapp it was Wraps & Rolls! I was waiting for this place to open like forever, because when it was really eccentric from the outside when they were still build this place. Colorful from the outside and it looked really different from the other restaurant or cafe beside on PIK area. Maybe it was a lil' too late to post this place, but better late than never, huh?

Wraps & Rolls 
Ruko Garden House, Blok A No. 1, 
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta


Basically, there is 3 levels of this place, the basement, ground floor and the upstair. Wherever you sit, this place really looks amazing and with splashing colors like blue, yellow and red all over the place. With different concept from other store, Wraps & Rolls is one of the fun place to visit. It looks like a bus from the outside and the inside was like the inside of the bus especially the upstair. 


For the food, we only ate 3 of their rice box. Every rice box was presented really beautiful with this paper box that can be folded ( like the pict above ). We choose their 3 rice box that really caught our attention, it was Char-Siu Rice, New Yolk Chicken Rice and Beef Box.

Char-Siu Rice ( IDR 42.000,- )

[Char-Siu Rice]

This is my number one dish from Wraps & Rolls. Char-Siu rice contains Savory Grilled Pork Belly with their homemade Char-Siu sauce, served with half of boiled egg and some rice. This pork was one must try from this place!

New Yolk Chicken Rice ( IDR 34.000,- )

[New Yolk Chicken Rice]

Special homemade salted egg chicken with rice. I don't know why Indonesian people was getting really crazy about this salted egg things, I know it delicious but it was everywhere right now, chicken salted egg, croissants and etc stuff. Somehow I just feel it was really overrated. Back to the the food, it was good but like I said before, I wasn't a really big fan of salted egg.

Beef Box ( IDR 38.000.- )

[Beef Box]

What could be the best beef dish than homemade marinated beef with special teriyaki sauce? Yeap It was really a savory tender beef with rich of sweet flavor from the sauce. Served with the omelette below the beef and some rice. 

[Closer looks]

It was a delightful lunch we had that day, 3 of the rice  box was really great. I love their richness of flavors and their tender meat. But one thing I really don't like, the portion was too small  for the price. Well it was a lil' bit worth for the flavors but still since I'm a greedy hungry kid that still need to grow, it was a really small portion. But beside the portion, everything was amazing, the place, the food and the service, I was impressed.

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