Bringing Up The Chinese Vibe - Asiatale Resto & Bar


Back again to blog world,
Last Wednesday, I had a really great time visiting this resto that I really like since their opening and I'd been there too before, but this time, I came to do some survey for one of my university's event. Yeapp, the restaurant called Asiatale Resto & Bar and it's located on Senopati area, South Jakarta. 

Asiatale Resto & Bar
Jl. Suryo no. 15
Jakarta Selatan


The first moment when you step to this resto, you could already saw splashes of colors like yellow, green, and also their dominant red. It's such a really nice place and gave me that kind of Chinese modernize vibe.



Their decoration was no joke, there's so many Chinese decorations and also murals that really brings up the ambience.

[1st floor]


[2nd Floor]


There're 2 level of this place, actually there's no differences between these two floor but the 2nd floor is mostly gave you more of the bar, because they have so many sofa there and also there are some VIP sofa which have a minimum purchase condition.

[Table's situation]


Let's talk about their food, when we came, we ordered some of the food that I've tried before but never had a chance to review it here. 

Asiatale Selat Popiah

[Asiatale Selat Popiah]


For the appetizer, we ordered their signature Selat Popiah. What's different about this popiah was their crispy cup shaped flour skin. It was their highlight and also don't forget about the inside, it had mushroom, chicken, seafood and also mix sauteed vegetables. 

Hong Kong Styled Cheong Fun

[Hong Kong Styled Cheong Fun]

For the dimsum, this Hong Kong Styled Cheong Fun was the hero. Cheong Fun with special sesame sauce on top. It was the best, it's sweet, nutty and also savory. The cheong fun layer itself was soft and delicious. This menu is one of my recommendation!

2 Ways Kailan

[2 ways Kailan]


Kailan is not my fav vegetables at all but heyy, what about if it's cooked 2 ways? the first kailan way of cooking maybe not my style because it seems like they only boiled and seasoning it, but the other way was the best, they cooked the leafs and made it into some crisp and savory dish, yummy!

Salted Egg Oyster

[Salted Egg Oyster]


Have you tried Asiatale's new menu yet? If you haven't, don't forget to order their salted egg oyster because it was heavenly good! The oyster was not smelly and cooked perfectly coated with the salted egg ! Recommended too!

Five Spice Binjai Chicken

[Five spice Binjai Chicken]

A whole new sensation to serve your palate, what a chicken!! It is deep fried marinated with five traditional spice! It was so good and also a finger-lickin too! Another recommended menu by me!

Shifu Hok Tiong Crispy Beef

[Shifu Hok Tiong Crispy Beef]

And finally, the hero of the lunch was their Shifu Hok Tiong Crispy Beef! When it's hard to eat a beef meat, they made it and succeed on turn the chewy beef into this goddamn crispy beef! Also the seasoning of this beef was on another level ! It's a MUST TRY menu for this place! I really love this beef so much OMG!

Drunken Master - Asia Punch

[Drunken Master]

[Asia Punch]

For the drink, who is not hype with this iconic Chinese Bottle Gourd! They have 2 kind of drunken master menu, the alcoholic and non alcoholic and have 2 menu for each kind. We ordered the Asia punch non alcoholic because it was noon DUHHH! lol! But the drink was unexpectedly refreshing! You can feel the fruit taste and also kind of soda feel! When eating good food accompanied by good drink will make a happy tummy!

And that's it for today's post! Haven't had anything to write except for some food review right now, but I promise I'll think some good idea to make a good post also! 

Thanks for reading and enjoyyyyy!!!

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