Grand Opening Haengbok, Serpong


Last saturday, I was invited by Ko Yeye ( one of Ko Sam's friend ) to attend the Grand opening of Haengbok restaurant in Gading Serpong. So he asked me to invited other food blogger that I know but some of them were busy so Quincy was the one who available to accompany me.

Haengbok | Korean BBQ Buffet
Jl. Boulevard Raya Ruko A1 Aa3 no. 41
Gading Sarpong, Tangerang 15810

Haengbok is the korean word that means Happiness. So we were coming to this new restaurant and as I remembered it is the first Korean BBQ buffet on Gading Serpong. We were welcomed with so many meat, there was chicken, beef, and pork. 


There were so many menus they made for us but I didn't remember all of the menus because there were too many and also it's spelled with korean word so it's so hard to remember. But the first thing that caught my attention was their rice balls with seaweed and anchovies ( sorry, forgot the name ).

[Rice balls]

Don't know why but I really love the rice balls from here or maybe I'm just a big fan of anchovies. Oh yeah their Dak Galbi was nice too. Spicy and sweet coated chicken meat and melted cheese on the top of it, would be a very mouth watering menu, right? 


Next we had this korean favourite dish, yeah It's Japchae. Haengbok gave us one of the best Japchae so far and it's even not their recommended menu.


Don't you know that Haengbok also have their signature omelette that was really tasty. It was not like the other omelette. It was grilled, and they put on some carrot inside, tasted so balance with a lil' bit salty which is really delicious and was really amazing to eat while it's still hot.


Meat was the best we had that time, they served us with so many meat that I couldn't remember how many I ate that time because all of them were delicious and so juicy. They said their recommended menu is their 8 flavours Samgyeopsal, there flavours are wine, garlic, cheese and many more. I tried all of the flavours and it was strong and you can also feel the flavours when you ate it. But my favourite was their wine and cheese samgyeopsal.

[On the making]

Basically, all of the food here tasted so good and I was like asking for more, even better it was free flow meat. The pork was so recommended here. Side dish also refill and we were so confused with so many variant side dish they gave us.

Gave them two thumbs up for their food, and they are having a promo right now! Make sure you give them a visit. 

[Me, Quincy, Ko Yeye, Ko Charlie, Ko Egend, Ko William, Devin]

Also, Thanks to Ko Egend and Ko Charlie who are the owner of Haengbok who was welcoming us to their Grand Opening! We'll come back to Haengbok for sure, cheers!

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