First Try Coloring My Hair


It's been quite awhile since my last post. It's been a week since then, and a lot of change happen to me especially on my head, which is my hair. 

Yeapp, It had been 3 - 4 months since I planned to dye my hair and now I did it!! There were one thing that held me dye it before, because I'm majoring in general medicine that's why our appearance is important and supposed to be clean and neat. I can't dye it if it wasn't on vacation and then I just did my last final exam like 2 weeks ago so now I'm free and could dye it.

I asked so many salon before to dye my hair and it was quite expensive since the color that I ask contains 3 times bleaching, 1 time toning and coloring. So it costed me a lot. Then I was asking the salon that I knew from Han Yoo Ra's vlog on youtube. It was Jessica Faith Hair Studio ( @jfhairstudio ) 

She was very nice and friendly, I was asked about the price first but she gave me a very affordable price too then we decided the date for an appointment. It was last Wednesday. It located on 5th floor at MD Place tower 2. There was this one space for her private salon. It was a cute and fun place. Then we could also order food and drinks from the restaurant above. I forgot the restaurant's name but it was a really a good one for the dessert, P.S their price is not cheap also lol.


I was accompanied by my friend that studying in Singapore as you can see on my Singapore's post on this blog, She is Sonia ( @soniahocksanda ) It took a lot of time for the process for the bleaching itself. 2 hours for one time bleaching. My impression was not so good about the bleaching, my head was itching and it's burning on my scalp and I should wear this aluminum thing over my head for the whole bleaching process.

[2nd time bleaching]

[3rd time bleaching]

I was shocked with the bleaching result because my hair was so fuckin' yellow like corn hair which I really hate and weird on me. Then after toning and coloring it, I got this stunning color. It was worth my 6 hours!


It was really a nice experience for me to express myself and color my hair. But to be bold, I really hate waiting and also the bleaching made me gone nuts! lol Ohh yeahh if you want to try dye your hair you can contact the salon I visit, she was friendly and you could consult with her also before coloring your hair, just check her ig for her number @jfhairstudio



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