Back to Tangerang Again, Cafe Hopping and Stuff.


Hello readers,
Time flew so fast and now it's already holiday season, right?

So before closing my 4th semester of my university life, I had come to Tangerang so oftenly and did cafe hopping. Like twice. So let me reviewing some of the places I've visited last week.

Tobi's Coffee & Tea
Ruko L'Agricola Blok C No. 11, 
Jalan Raya Curug Sangereng, 
Tangerang, Banten

[Tobi's #1]

So as my friend said, this is his fav coffeeshop near his house that he would like to spent hours to chill or hang out. So I just followed his recommendation and visited this place. 


The ambience was no joke. I came here when it was already evening so it was a lil' bit dim but it went well with the atmosphere. 


I forgot if they sell any food or not but I remembered they sell a cake with different flavors, and I ordered the red velvet one.


It was the most appealing one to me. Tasted a lil' bit like red velvet but it was too dense so it was hard to ate it. So I was a bit disappointed :(


This was my friend's pick, it was a babychino. Damn it smells nice! I forgot to have a sip because I was too busy to took some pict.



And last, my own drink. Yeappp Caffe latte! It was a simple caffe latte, simple latte art, caffeine was nice and strong also. The conclusion was their drink and dessert was nice but not so wow or special, their place had a nice atmosphere, it has feelings. I would like to visit this place to study or doing my stuff. It was nice experience tho.


Nala Coffee
Ruko New Jasmine Extension Blok HA16 No.15 
(near Sekolah Tunas Bangsa) 
Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Banten

[Nala #1]

My friend and I just ordered these cafe latte because we had ate before and we were too full, but we still ordered one more thing that you guys should try if you happened to be here



I forgot their exact menu name, but this two layered waffle with the smores inside was the best, I really love it and it had coffee flavors inside also. The crisp waffle mixed with the soft fluffy marshmallow. It was a pleasure. Make sure you guys order it!

Coffeedential Roastery & Dessert
Ruko Dalton 51 - 52
Scientia Selatan, Gading Serpong

[Coffeedential #1]

Well, it was a mistake first I came here, why? because I came here with one reason, to join the kanekin gathering which my fault to mistaken the date, so it was no one when I came here. Only me! lol


Since I'm here, I just enjoyed the food and studied for my final exam. I ordered a Tuna spaghetti. Spaghetti was flat but tuna was the hero because it so flavorful although the tuna's portion was so small for me.


Accompanied with caffe latte to help me study, the barista was super nice to me and it was really nice to talked with him. He made me this super nice caffe latte. Caffeine was strong and nice. One of the best latte I had. 

Their place was still empty because it was a new coffeeshop, their interior also nice, I hope they get noticed soon. 

Coarse & Fine Coffee
Jl. Jalur Sutera Timur, 1-B #15,
Alam Sutera, Tangerang

[Coarse #1]

So this was the newest spot in town. One of my friend that I followed in instagram posted about this place's opening. Guess what? he's one of the barista. Well, marble table, white wall and wooden floor.


If you checked up their upstair, you would probably get shocked because it feels like home. Big sofa. cow pattern carpet, and there was even a TV! Woww!


I ordered their main course, yes it was their Gochujang Pork!, Nice grilled gochujang sauce marinated pork served with rice and kimchi. The pork was a lil' bit dry but delicious. Portion was generous. It was my first time to ate Korean taste food on a coffeeshop. lol :p


And of course, another cups of caffe latte to complete our meet up and talk! Nicely brewed here, come to visit this place. Their interior was the a bomb but their place was a lil' bit cold so please bring your sweater or jacket.  

O! Fish
Ruko Graha Boulevard,
Blok A/18 - Gading Serpong,



Yeappp, the famous seafood restaurant when it was opened, finally, I could eat in here. All white and wood interior with a lil' touch of yellow, it was really a nice place to eat.


These was their signature drink, they had some promo back then so I was giving it a try. My picked was Sizzlin' Summer and guess what? It was so refreshing! and delicious also, but their portion was a bit you know...

[Platter #1]




And the best part was........ MIXED SEAFOOD GRILLED - FRIED PLATTER !!! You got chips, skewers, fried fish bites, chips and also scallops. What made it more delicious was their special sauce on the top of the platter! it was really delicious! The portion was too big for 2 people, it was enough for 3 - 4 people. All of the element inside were delicious, especially their prawn and scallop!

It was worth the price and also delicious! I'm surely will come to this place again :D



So that was today's post, next post would be something new because I'm gonna ............ my hair. Lol, stay tuned! I hope you enjoy this post.

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