#MiyagiFineJapanese Food Tasting

[Miyagi Fine Japanese]

Gandaria City, Mainstreet GF unit #MG 43
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Kebayoran Lama 
Jakarta Selatan 12240
Lotte Shopping Avenue, 3rd Floor
Jl Prof. Dr. Satrio kav. 3-5, Kuningan, 
Jakarta Selatan

Last week, I was invited by my friend whose working with the Arena corp to join the Arena food talk by Miyagi restaurant. Miyagi is well known as Japanese restaurant that serve premium quality Japanese food with affordable price. This was my 2nd time being invited to Miyagi. The first time was in Gandaria City and the second one was in Lotte Shopping Avenue.

The menu that they served was :
  • Salmon Cheese Aburi Maki
  • Miyagi Maki
  • Gyuniku Aburi Maki 
  • Spicy Baked Salmon Maki
  • Salmon Sashimi 
  • Salmon Carpaccio
  • Gindara Mentaiyaki
  • Kaminabe ( Seafood and Tori Shina )

[Table's situation]

First, look at the picture above. At the top you could see a bowl of Seafood Kaminabe. Kaminabe is a Japanese Paper Pot Soup, as you can see Japanese paper are strong enough to hold the heat from the charcoal below it and couldn't be burnt easily. As the variant of Kaminabe, there is Seafood Kaminabe ( choice of soup with assortment of vegetables, prawn, salmon and scallop ), Tara Ciri Kaminabe ( choice of soup with assortment of vegetables and gindara ), Tori Shina Kaminabe ( choice of soup with assortment of vegetables, tori shima; homemade chicken dumpling ), Beef Tsukune Kaminabe ( choice of soup with assortment of vegetables, beef tsukune; homemade beef meatball ).

The Kaminabe I tried was the Seafood and Tori Shina, well I prefer the Tori Shina than the seafood because I couldn't really enjoy eating seafood actually. The soup was flavourful and nice seasoned. Plus, the dumpling was really nice. As the rest was so so.

On the below, there is Salmon Cheese Aburi Maki on the black plate ( half grilled salmon and cheese with mayonnaise ). Loving the half grilled salmon also the mayonnaise that covered the salmon was delightful. This is my fav sushi that they served so far.

[Miyagi Maki]

Next, we had Miyagi Maki, which contain Egg omelette, cheese homemade sauce. This was the first sushi in Miyagi that I've tried. Love the egg omelette that coated the sushi. Floss on the top made it looked more yummy. 

[Salmon sashimi]
[Salmon Carpaccio]

Salmon Carpaccio basically is kauri, avocado wrapped by the salmon sashimi, served with the carpaccio sauce and the potato chips on top. I was really happy in here cause most of the dish was made with salmon. It was new for me to eat salmon sashimi with the avocado but who knew it was a nice combination too.

[Gyuniku Aburi Maki]

After ate so many salmon, we had this Gyuniku Aburi Maki which is a half grilled beef roll served with the tonkatsu sauce. beef was perfect. It tasted a lil' bit like eating burger. But the sauce was too spicy for me, although I can't eat spicy food but I still enjoyed it.

[Spicy Baked Salmon Maki]

Yeayyy salmon again , and this time is Spicy Baked Salmon Maki ( Salmon, crunchy tempura, chilli oil, mayonnaise ). Remember that I told you about I can't eat spicy food. Even though this menu named Spicy Baked Salmon Maki, but I barely tasted it. Maybe it was because how good the crunchiness of the crunchy tempura itself.

[Gindara Mentaiyaki]

Last but not least, the most favourite menu I really loved from this food tasting was the Gindara Mentaiyaki. The gindara was perfectly grilled, it was so soft but not so dry. The skin was a lil' bit crisp but still delicious. A perfect dish to end this food tasting. 

All of the food in here was really nice and good, and if you looked at the menu, they're not really expensive and really affordable. So you don't need to worry and just enjoy the premium Japanese food they served.

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