Molten Croissant by Gambino Coffee


Gambino Coffee
Gandaria City Mall
LG Floor, in front of PaperClip
South Jakarta, Jakarta

Have you ever heard about the phenomenal salted egg ?
Well, maybe you already heard about it from Singapore's famous chicken salted egg and stuff, but have you imagine what if there is Salted egg inside the croissant ? Yeah, there is! Gambino Coffee launched their new menu about this Molten Croissant that filled up with this Salted egg sauce with the collaboration with 7 Angels only using premium ingredients.

[Molcro with Flavoured Cold Brew]

Gambino Coffee is famous because of their flavoured cold brew coffee. You know there's some advantages about cold brew, it's less addictive but doesn't lose the strong flavour of caffeine. They gave us one of their cold brew to me, I got the matcha latte flavour and it was good.


Next is the Molten Croissant I talked about before. With the cinnamon sprinkle on the top of the croissant, it looks stunning!

[Lava sauce]

When you cut the centre part, you could see the salted egg sauce dripping from the inside and it looks fantastic, what a perfect lava. Then when you bite the croissant, the dough was super nice and also warm inside. When the salty flavour of salted egg meet the crispiness of the croissant, it was a perfect combination. I never thought that it would be so good. 

The Molten Salted Egg Croissant is priced Rp 30.000,- 

So what are you waiting for? They're available in limited stock everyday! So Grab your fast! 

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