10 Days Amazing Japan Trip - Part 2 : Colorful Japan


Continuing my story from the last Part 1 . After leaving Tokyo, now we're going to the countryside. This time is the Kawaguchi Lake near the Mt. Fuji. The reason why we're staying there is because we will go to the Fuji on the next morning.
On the Kagauchi lake, we were staying at the hotel beside the lake, and we gout our room view straight to the lake. Usually we can see the mountain from the window, but because it was mid summer, Fuji was barely seen.

The name of the hotel was written with Japanese word that I couldn't understand, but we had our dinner in here because we arrived at evening that time. The view at the outside our hotel was amazing so we decided to took some pict there.



[Mom & Lil' Sister]

[Mom's candid pose]

Didn't realize that it took so long and the sky became dark, we came back to our hotel. Good thing about this hotel was they have an Onsen. Onsen is some kind of sharing bathroom with others and it is a big hot bath tub. One condition, you must be all naked to use the onsen. Yeappp! NAKED! no single thread on your body at all. So, I'm kinda curious about new stuff so I tried the onsen once. It was really refreshing and had an effect to my fatigue. I felt so much better after doing it.

[Mt. Fuji]

On the next day, we were going to Mt. Fuji. It was not so good to see on Summer because it looks like other mountain, But the air was great even it's hot.

[Kyoho grape ice cream]

[Me like it]

We bought some ice cream and this was my first time trying Kyoho Grape ice cream flavors, it tasted amazingly fresh, a lil' bit sour but it's good.


Not much to see in here, and we only got not much time either, so we continued our journey to the most awaited place of our travel plan. It was Gotemba Premium Outlet!!

But before that we had a nice lunch at a restaurant near there


It was a bento set and served with udon. It's not that good but also not that bad so it's an okay. Moving on, we stopped and arrived at Gotemba. The place was like a theme park with stores. I thought it would be a one big building mall but it wasn't. It's outdoor and had 2 side: east and west.

It had so many luxury brand like Prada, Chanel, LV, Bottega, YSL, Burberry 'till some regular brand like Nike, Adidas, and stuff. We shopped a lot in this place because they said the price is cheaper in here. But one store that I really love the most, It's Pokemon Store!!

[Pokemon store]

It sells a lot of Pokemon souvenir, goodies and stuff from dolls, pen, keychain, clothes and many more. I could literally die in there.







So many good stuff in here, I want to buy it all but the problem is the price for their goodies are expensive.

Most of our time today wasted on the bus because we need to arrive at Nagano, that's where we'll be staying for tonight,

We had a dinner in our hotel also, it was a full set Japanese food that looks terribly amazing and delicious and taste the same also.

[Full set]





And the unique thing about this hotel there was we will sleep on the Tatami. Yeapp It was a Japanese traditional rice straw mat floor and we will sleep on the single layer futon ( mattress ). I thought it would be rough and tiresome but it was good and I could have a good sleep also.



That was a long post, so that's it for today, I hope that I would update the next part sooner! Thanks for reading my story :)

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