Welcoming the Monkey Year!

[Chinese New Year]

Actually, this is not an important post or anything but I just wanna say Happy Chinese New Year everyone and wish you all good luck and wealth!

[Hong bao]

There's one reason why I don't really enjoying Chinese new year, because my big family isn't like others. My family is fighting each other, especially my aunties, they doesn't like my dad and vice versa, that's because a lot of shitty things they did and they blamed my dad, wtf! I don't have that happy big family like others do, but my core small family is the best! We don't need a big family, little is more precious. Oh yeah, Don't forget to ask parents to give you some hong bao! You know it is the only best part about CNY right?

[CNY's ootd]

May this monkey year give you good luck and good fortune! Anyway I'm coming to Singapore soon. Hope I could make some good travel video!

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