Nama Sushi Finally Coming to Emporium Pluit Mall


It's been 2 weeks since my last post and I've been very busy lately so I couldn't posted anything new on the blog. Since I don't know what to write for today's post, I decided to blog abut my last visit to the newly opened Nama Sushi branch in Emporium Pluit Mall, which is very near to my dorm and university ( about 5-10 mins by walking ) LOL!

Nama Sushi, Emporium Pluit Mall
Jalan Pluit Selatan Raya, RT.23/RW.8, 
Penjaringan, Kota Jkt Utara, 
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14440



So this store was located on the ground floor near the beside Kintan Buffet Restaurant and it is a big space restaurant also so you won't be troubled to find this Nama Sushi. Their concept and decoration are pretty similar with the other branch at Baywalk Mall also. They keep their wooden authentic Japanese vibe decoration which will elaborate their customer to experience their menu.

[Table's situation]

So, There are a lot going on in here. First, when I visited this restaurant, it was just opened for one week that made the employee and waiters were a bit unprofessional, but the thing is, even they lack of service, they kept apologizing and gave us their smile so I gave them a respect and waiting for my food to come. Secondly, since it was new, this place were too crowded so my food came so late but thankfully it's still warm and third, since I came at late hour when the sun already set, it was hard to take a good picture, so I was a bit upset.

What we ordered ? 

Cawan Mushi

[Cawan Mushi]


My all time fav for Japanese appetizer was this soft, delicate steamed egg, Cawan Mushi. Yeapp, it was basic and don't know how explain the taste because it just right for my stomach. The filling was also the same as usual, they got kani stick, mushroom and a tiny piece of chicken meat. 

Ama Ebi Mayo

[Ama Ebi Mayo]


Our second appetizer was this Ama Ebi Mayo. Basically it was a shrimp coated with this red orangey colored sauce. The sauce was sweet, spicy and also there's a kick of freshness taste from it. Such a new taste for me, so I really like it.

Salmon Tataki 

[Salmon Tataki]


And finally our last appetizer was their Salmon Tataki. A full plate of Salmon sashimi were one of the love of my life. But this menu also gave you their fresh salmon sashimi with a special sauce on the top. What kind of sauce is it? Well I don't know either lol. It tasted a bit of lemon, vinegar and maybe fish sauce ? I rarely eat other Japanese food menu except sushi so I really dunno anything at all about Japanese food ingredients.

Cream Udon with Duck and Mushroom Topping

[Cream Udon]


Believe me or not, so this was my first time trying this kind of Udon's variant. I never imagined how it would taste if Udon mixed with these creamy taste. But it turned out that Nama sushi made me starstruck with this delicious cream udon. It taste really nice even I'm not a big fan of Udon and what I like about this menu was they had list of topping that you could add to your cream udon but don't forget about the additional charge also. 

Salmon Aburi Roll

[Salmon Aburi Roll]



What would be better than having a Sushi at a restaurant that named after Sushi itself for the main course ?

Me and my friend are a big fan of Salmon and we decided to pick this sushi for our last course. The Salmon Aburi Roll. Everything was perfect, the salmon was tender, the mayo was a bit spicy, the filling was good and nothing goes wrong for this food. So two thumbs up for this!

Yeapp it's a wrap finally! After all there were no food that made us disappointed, all of their food was great and we would come back for sure, and if you come to Emporium Pluit Mall, it is really worth it to try this restaurant. Thankyou for reading my blog and see you next time!

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