Luigi Italian Restaurant, Bali - Amateur Review

[Luigi Italian]

Coming back to Bali awhile ago, I found this new restaurant ( when I came in Bali ) called Luigi. It was an Italian restaurant at Denpasar area. It was not so far from my place so I decided to come and have a quick bite!

Luigi Italian Restaurant
Jl. Tukad Batanghari no. 39,
Renon, Denpasar



This place interior was nice, and what I really love is the touch of baby's breath flower on the top of the table, even the green bottle was really annoying. But overall, I really love this kind of reddish colored wood because it goes well with my instagram feed LOL!


They said that their specialities are their pizza because it was cooked at the traditional stone oven that really brings the taste of a pizza but too bad I didn't order it because I was alone and I couldn't eat that much lol!

[Table's situation]

What I order then ? I just try their pork ribs. It was tender and really well marinated. You could feel their barbecue sauce on every bite and it feels so amazing. But the portion was a lil' bit small and it was served with fries or you could ask for mashed potato if you want.

[Pork Ribs]






Can you see how delicious it looks ?
Btw, I'm coming to Luigi again in this month and I met one of my friend from @balifoodies , he is Ko Yerdi ( @yerdiansha.azahary @yerdiansha ). He was a famous instagrammer too, but this time I didn't order pizza too. I forgot why but they said they didn't serve pizza on that day.

[Table's situation #2]

This time, we order their aglio olio pasta and bruschetta. It was a lil' bit sad when I'm actually curious about their pizza taste, but there'll always be next time Lol.




For the appetizer, we ordered the bruschetta. It was looks really good and also taste the same! Oh my, I was literally eating it with joy. Bread is crunchy, and the tomato was on point. What a delightful bite to start. It's recommended for you guys!

[Aglio Olio]

Next we have an Aglio Olio pasta, for the meat, you can ask the waiters to change if you want to. I didn't eat the pasta because it wasn't my order but my friend said it was really good and not so oily or greasy.

[Cheesy Rice Ball]

There's one dish that I ordered twice at this restaurant, it was the most delicious ( for me ) and I really really love it. YEAPPP! It was their Cheesy Rice Ball!!





Cheesy Rice Ball was really the bomb! It was so crisp at the outside and there's soft rice inside it. In the center of the ball, you could feel their cheesiness mozarella ( I think ) melt in your mouth. But what makes it perfect ? It was their tomato sauce that they served with the balls. It goes right when a flavorful sauce combined with a plain rice.


And..... to complete your lunch, why don't you try their Cappucino coffee for the drink ? It was a good coffee tho. It was served on this really cool skull glass! Oh my!

After all, I really enjoyed visiting this restaurant and it was a really nice meals, and if you happened to come to Bali, don't forget to give it a try at this restaurant!

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