Blue Christmas Luncheon

[Christmas Cards]

Merry Christmas everyone! It's the most wonderful time of the year.
So how's your christmas time ? Was it good ? or bad ?

2 Days Row Yogyakarta

[Borobudur Temple]

Hi there,
Welcome again to my another not-so-travel post! Today, I'll tell you about my last 2 days trip to Yogyakarta. After 3 days visiting Pontianak, at the next day I had some live in activity from my University for about 4 days and I should come because I'm one of the committee. Such a tiring experience and I was out of energy back then, so I took another flight straight after that live in activity at the next day to Yogyakarta.

To the Hottest City in Indonesia, Pontianak - Part 2

Just got back from Pontianak and I couldn't sleep tonight, so I decided to continuing the rest part of my Pontianak's visit.

Kwecap Veteran
Jalan Veteran No. 37, 
Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat 

Last night, I had these mini culinary trip with Ci Agatha Devie, Ci Cika and Ci Yohanna. They picked me up at Ayani Mega Mall and we headed down to the famous Pontianak signature cuisine. This was my first time trying these Kwecap. 

[Table's situation]

To the Hottest City in Indonesia, Pontianak - Part 1

[Starting my Holiday]

Greetings from Pontianak!
Some of you may ask what I'm doing here, well I'm not really sure what I'm doing here. A week after my last final test, I just booked the ticket to this city, the capital city of Kalimantan Barat province in Indonesia. It's also known as a large port trading city in Borneo.

What makes it really special is Pontianak is known as Kota Khatulistiwa ( Equator city ), why? Because it's located precisely on the equator. But because of that, I also hate this city because the temperature here is so damn high lahh!! So hotttt!

Anyway, the main reason I visit Pontianak is because the foooooooddd! Started up my food journey, I took a flight at the morning on 7th of December 2015 until 9th of December 2015. Yeapp it's a short time to enjoy all of the food here, but as you can see I'm already bored as hell in my 2nd day here. There's nothing else axcept the food in here.