Warteg Express - A Modern "Warteg" by FAME Jakarta.

[Warteg Express]

Warteg Express
FAME Food Art Menteng Est
Jl. H. Agus Salim No. 60, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

Throwing back to my last visit to Warteg Express, It locates in Menteng Area. Warteg Express is the biggest tenant by FAME Jakarta ( Food Art Menteng ) on H. Agus Salim street. FAME has 3 other tenants beside Warteg Express, there are Martabak Boss, Mad Rice and Noodle Station, and Sate Sosial & Beer. 


Warteg Express is located on the inside ( indoor ) at the FAME Building. There is one big bar with some steel material that looks really modern and here is the place for you to pick your food and you can order anything you want. There's some iconic wall art on the inside like Marilyn Monroe, JB and others and it felt a lil' bit retro. And what I love about the inside was their colorful floor that looked really nice.


So many casual and traditional Indonesian food that Warteg Express has offers, there's chicken, egg, vegetables, fries, beef, lamb, side dish and so many more that I couldn't remember but I swear you'll be satisfied with many variant menu. My fav dish was their Tempe Orek and Balado Egg.

[My food]

You can choose the food by only pointing at the food and the waiters will add the food into your plate, although it was a modern warteg but they still use the traditional way also. The waiters was so nice and welcome us. The food was rich of flavors and you could also sensation so many Indonesian cuisine here. They also has many variant traditional sambal and crackers that will pamper your tummy.

[Sate Sosial & Beer]
[Beef Satay]

Like I said before, we tried the other tenant's food from FAME, we picked Sate Sosial & Beer. We ordered Sate Gokil, it was beef satay that coated with sweet grated coconut. It tasted sweet but savory also, and especially I love beef too that's why I picked this one as my fav than the other satay.

Overall satisfaction in here was nice, food was nice but not so that amazing, place was great to hang out with you friend especially at night when you could also drink beer and order some martabak, and price was affordable too.

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