Experiencing 2 Level of Izakaya Kai

[Izakaya Kai]

Izakaya Kai
Jl. Pluit Kencana Raya No. 59
Pluit, Jakarta Utara

Instagram : @izakayakai

Hi everyone!
Sorry that I haven't posted anything because of my busy schedule and now finally I've got some free time to write about another hype place in my area, yeapp! As the title said, let me tell you about my experience of the new restaurant "Izakaya Kai".


[Table's situation]

So, my first time coming here with my friends, we just knew that there are 2 level of Izakaya Kai. The first floor was the cafe that have a modernize Japanese food such as pasta, cakes and stuff. And for the 2nd floor, it was all authentic Japanese food. But my visit was not lucky enough that we couldn't get a place in the 2nd floor, so we picked the Cafe instead.

Truffle Cheese Choux

[Truffle Cheese Choux]




So, for the appetizer. I would recommend you this Truffle Cheese Choux. It was an absolute cheesy blast from the inside. Their outer layer was thin and crisp and the grilled cheese on the top was not for a dressing only. It was really good and I couldn't tell you in a word so you better order and try it for yourself AND this one can be ordered from any floor.

Pork Belly Truffle Cream Pasta

[Pork Belly Truffle Cream Pasta]


Next, we had this Pork Belly Truffle Cream Pasta. It wasn't mine but I get to try this a little. It was a great pasta actually, but it's just ordinary I think. Nothing new from this food, but their pork belly was cooked nicely and the portion was a bit small.

Ebi Furai Aglio Olio Pasta

[Ebi Furai Aglio Olio Pasta]

Ebi Furai Aglio Olio Pasta was the first pasta that I ate with a touch of Japanese taste. It had the cream, the Ebi furai and also well seasoned. Imho, I preferred this one than the pork belly. 

Crispy Salmon Soy Orange Donburi

[Crispy Salmon Soy Orange Donburi]


And last but not least is my order itself, I picked donburi because I was a bit hungry that time. But when it came, I was a bit sad because the portion was too small ( Sorry, I'm a big eater lol ). But let's evaluate the taste. What I'd got was a crispy salmon, a sunny side up and some veggies with the soy orange sauce on the top of it. The Salmon was nice, cooked perfectly and everything was nice, but the highlight was the soy orange sauce. It was kinda new and refreshing. So it was worth my money, I guess.

Izakaya Kai

[2nd floor]

Moving on to my next visit in here, finally I could try their 2nd floor which is their authentic Japanese style Menu.

Chawan Mushi

[Chawan Mushi]

Chawan Mushi was not something new for you guys, but for people who doesn't know, Chawan Mushi is a soft steamed egg that have some kani, mushroom or sometimes chicken and many variants based on the chef itself inside it. I haven't eat any terrible chawan mushi and I don't know either how to say it was good or not. So it was an okay, i guess.



[Tsukune, Negima, & Ebi Bacon]

Next, I ordered some Yakitori. It was Tsukune ( chicken meatballs ), Negima ( chicken thigh and legs ) and lastly Ebi Bacon. My fav one was their Ebi Bacon, well I understand why it's their best recommended yakitori.

8 Hours Pork Belly & Trotter

[8 Hours Pork Belly & Trotter]



We ordered an 8 hours pork belly & trotter, but when it came, we kinda smile and have nothing to said because it was the main course and the price was a bit high but the portion was too small! It was just like 3 small slices of pork and that's it! But if you are looking for some quality over quantity, it was one menu that you could order because the pork was really soft and tender and you know this was a delicious marinated pork that worth a try.

Nozaki A5 Wagyudon

[Nozaki A5 Wagyudon]




And the most talked wagyudon was this Nozaki A5 Wagyudon. It was not mine but the I must admit that their wagyu was really tender and seasoned well. It was a bit pricey so I couldn't afford it ( that time, I was broke LOL ) but maybe next time I should try it once. My friends said that it was tasted good but not overrated. Anyway you can try to add foie grass and uni, but there'll be a another additional charges.

Red Velvet

[Red Velvet]


And lastly for dessert, it was a fresh baked from the cafe at the first floor. Their most selling cake, Red Velvet. It was a lil' bit different from the usual red velvet because they had a chocolate flavors too on their red velvet, and also we tasted a bit of kinda rum taste. The cake was nice but not the best red velvet I've ever tried. It was too dense and sweet for me, so I can't eat it much but for the portion, it was generous.

Yeahh finally, I could post something new to my blog. Izakaya Kai was one of the new restaurant I would recommended to you guys. So see you again next time.

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