3 Days Off From This Hectic Schedule

[Short escape]

Been awhile since my last post, and today, I'm just gonna write a short travel post of my last short escape.

It was 2 weeks ago and I was thinking to refresh my mind from the hectic schedule of my university ( most of it was from the committee of my uni's event ) then, I booked my airplane ticket using traveloka app from Jakarta to Bali. I need some time to be alone and far from all the mess I made.

10 Days Amazing Japan Trip - Part 4 : Shrine, Temple, And The Rest of Japan

[Last Part]

Finally, it's going down to the last part of my Japan Trip! [ Part 1Part 2Part 3 ]. So brace yourself for another long post that I'm gonna tell you!

So the last 2 days of my Japan trip had been quite fascinating. Why ? Because we should used the last 2 days as well as we could so we wouldn't have any regret when coming back from Japan. So we had a full scheduled plan for shrine and temple for one day ! Because we were already in Osaka area and they have so many famous Temple and Shrine at that area and nearby!