Disneyland Tokyo Parade

Just a glimpse from my last visit of Disneyland Tokyo's Parade

10 Days Amazing Japan Trip - Part 1 : Tips and Tokyo

[Sky Tree]

[Japan Trip]

Hey peeps, 
So today, I'll be talking about holiday. Speaking of holiday, where have you guys been ? Is it nice or not ? Is there something interesting happened ? 

For me, I'm taking 10 days trip to Japan from Golden Rama Tour. This holiday season was not that cheap, the trip that I took was quite expensive and Japan has become a hype country to visit by Indonesian nowadays. Since the price for 10 days to japan is equal to 14 days to Europe, you could probably guessing that Japan is really famous now.

First Try Coloring My Hair


It's been quite awhile since my last post. It's been a week since then, and a lot of change happen to me especially on my head, which is my hair.