Bali's Vibe - Talking About Personal Life and How to Enjoy Your Getaway


Today's post is about "Getaway"! Why ? First, let me tell you a lil' bit about my personal life. One thing that really bother me all the time is the fact that I'm studying as a Medical Student in my university. Yeah, I choose to be a med-student but there's some reason and consideration. The biggest reason was because my parents. Since I was a kid my mom and dad told me that they really want to have their child as a doctor and I am the first son born to my family, somehow it burdened me, plus, I am a lil' bit pit with my lil' brother and sister so I decided to sacrifice for them and they could choose to be whoever they want.

I'm not hating about the subject and lecture, I kinda like it, but it wasn't my first nor second major I would choose. I prefer something more artsy like design or architect but my parents was against it because they said doctor is more promising as a job. I know their intention is good but that somehow be the reason why I always skipping class and stuff. Then it leads to another problem of my life, since I skipped and ditched class a lot, I should study twice without instruction or teacher. It blowed my brain out of my freaking head.

Then, I have some social issue with everyone in my university. Yeap I have so many friends here, but it was just as a "friend" not more. I realized that a higher level of education made us so individualist and self centered. It is so different from me, I am this stupid kid who took a risk, play a lot, do crazy stuff. But I can't do that since nobody had the same page on me. Friends that I have are more like "stay-at-home" child. They didn't wanna leave their room, all their reason are some, they are "mager" ( lazy to move ). I mean like WTF dude! If you are mager, yeah I get it because I had been in the same situation too but bitch please! I've seen you all entire 2 years and you still mager. So i have nobody to asked for going out or just cafe hopping or maybe just cross the street to the mall to had something that really important like "dinner" or maybe "lunch, cause I was freaking hungry like hell! and you guys was too mager too accompany me! yeahh "friend".

Next is one of the thing I really hate about this university, some people just need to put a cock inside their mouth cause everything they said sounds like shit! I know that rumors do spread quickly here but sometimes I wanted the to look in the mirror and ask if they are "better" enough to judge and talk shit! Heyy, you ain't god, please even I know you are not good, I won't talking big and said stuff like that to others. Yeahh as you know, what I've been really tired of is my university event and activity. They were tons of them and yeahhh like a shit, I was helping almost all of their committee. First thing you should know, I was joining them just because I am really pity since there are a few people only who could be in publication and documentation team. Yeahh I want to help, yes I was trying to be nice to you guys. But what did I get? nothing and no appreciation. Why I am helping almost all event? well you guys should realize that all of the "few people" are not that nice also, they're kinda picky when it comes to choose an event they want to join. Yet, since this year all of the event committee are in my year hand. The head and the vice, secretary, and treasurer were finding the right person to be a coordinator and as I heard, my name was popped on some of the big event, but apparently my name was shut down as soon as possible because they think I can't take a big responsibility and second they are afraid that I would leave my work cause as  they KNOW and SAW was me only playing, never come to class, and going to Bali or Singapore or else. 

Here's the thing I want to clarify. I didn't care that I am not the coordinator, second, if you don't like me or else, just don't talk bad about me. A lil' bit story I want to tell you guys, first, I always did my job before the deadline, I always come to the meeting, and ALTHOUGH I AM NOT IN JAKARTA, I ALWAYS BRING MY LAPTOP TO DO MY JOB AND WORK. My job was done, I have free time, I have so much stress from my family ( which is my internal problem since I always fight with them whenever I came home and leave me no choice 'til now ), from my study and else, and I HAVE MY OWN MONEY, SAVING LITTLE BY LITTLE FROM MY POCKET MONEY so why can't I go ? That's the point! and then I heard that they doubt me because I took 2 days off from my last event to Singapore, bitch please! I asked my coordinator for that permission for about 3 months before. Then, the airplane tickets was paid since I have something to do there, and my friends were staying there too that I could join in for the room. If I had an opportunity like that and just took a 2 days off since at the event my position was not too important and can be replaced by anyone instead of staying there when there's nothing good will come also, no appreciation and just shit people give, why won't I take it ? Think people! Think! please!

Wow, That is a long post! So you know understand how fucked I am here right? There's only one thing that could be as one of my remedy, yeahh, getaway! and which place should I go to? Bali!

Answering "Why Bali?" First the ticket are maybe a lil' bit expensive, but I have some people that I could asked for help in there, so I didn't need to spend money on hotel and transport. Plus, all out of the place in Indonesia, Bali has everything, the nature, the cafe, the nightlife, and many more to explore.

Last week, we had a really nice long weekend, and guess where I am? yeap Bali. So here's the recap from my last time visit and tips to enjoy your moment here :

1. Food


Yeapp, when you get stressed, for some people, we intend to eat more than we usually eat. That's just how our body made. The satisfaction of our body when we ate delicious food somehow brighten up our mood. In my case, it surely does so. Here's the good cafe or restaurant recommendation that I ate on my last journey.

Babi Guling Chandra
Jl. Teuku Umar, Dauh Puri Kauh, 
Denpasar Bar., Kota Denpasar, Bali

[Babi Guling Chandra]

Located on the main street of Denpasar, Teuku Umar street, Babi Guling ( Suckling pig ) is still one of the "must to eat in Bali" list. As usual, it was a must for me to eat suckling pig when I'm in Bali, and this place is my best pick so far. Suckling pig is Bali traditional cuisine that cooked all of the pig's body part with various way  from the skin, meat, even intestine and stuff, and also served with the cooked vegetables called "lawar", their pork satay and fish satay that called "Lilit satay" is my fav part of this food too. The spice and condiment used here is really hit me strong, it was really  nice but be careful for those who doesn't like spicy food because it could be a lil' bit spicy.

Jl. Kayu Cendana No.7, 
Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, 

[Table's sisterfield]

This was my second time visiting this store, Sisterfield came across from Australia and here's their branch in Bali. The place was quite huge and it had a nice ambience to hang and chat around. Since I'd eaten before and our tummy still full, we just ordered Pulled Pork Charcoal Roll and Smoked salmon as side dish.

[Side View]

So this is Pulled Pork Charcoal Roll! As you can see, the bun is black and a lil' bit chewy but don't worry, the taste is tasty. What I really love about this food was their tender marinated pork. It was such a delightful moment when you ate the pork, it suddenly melted in your mouth. Pork was nice and also their veggies was fresh. It costed for about IDR 85.000,- and the portion was really worth the price. Good job Sisterfield!

BO$$ Man
Jalan Kayu Cendana No. 8B, 
Seminyak, Kabupaten Badung, Bali

[BO$$ Man]

Next, we moved to the store beside Sisterfield, it was BO$$ Man Bali! This place specialities was all about burger! Their recommendation was "Al Capone". Al Capone contains 180g beef patty, bacon, grilled onions, smoked cheddar, creole chutney, bone marrow emulsion, and home-made BBQ sauce. The price was about IDR 100.000,-.


Look! All of the thing inside is marvelous, and the portion was really big. So I need to share it with my friends but now I understand why their specialities is burger, who could resist their BBQ sauce? I'm addicted!

Tien Tien Hao 
Jalan Raya Sesetan No.547, 
Denpasar Selatan

[Tien Tien Hao]

All about pork in this place was magnificent! If you love Chinese cuisine such as noodles and stuff, you should try this place.

[Pork Bakmie]

My recommendation was this Pork Bakmie ( Noodles ). The portion maybe not so generous but the price is cheap also so don't worry to order it twice, cause I did it too LOL!

Fat Turtle
Jl. Petitenget No.886A, 
Seminyak, Kuta Utara, 
Kabupaten Badung, Bali

[Table's situation]

If you're a big fan of pancake then this is was one of a must visit in Bali. Fat turtle is a cafe located in Seminyak area and it is famous of their breakfast and pancake menu.

[Red Velvet Pancake]

The most fav pancake here is their Red Velvet Pancake ( IDR 45.000,- ). It was hard to pulled of the red velvet taste into the pancake but Fat Turtle did it! Love their dense but soft pancake, their cream cheese and vanilla ice cream on the top of it!

[Milo Dinosaur Pancake]

As for my friend, he ordered a Milo Dinosaur Pancake. It was a 3 layered simple pancake but with a touch of milo sauce, chocolate and sprinkle. Served with their selection of ice cream too.

2. Meet Someone

[The Bay]

Next thing to do when you're depressed is meeting someone you know well. One of my bro is working in Bali and he's in Nusa Dua area which is so far from where I stay and the crowd. It was an elite location with expensive 5 stars hotels line up. And we decided to meet up at "The Bay BBQ" which was very near from the his work place.

Meeting someone and talk about your problem with them somehow relieved yourself, it is better to let it all out than hold it for yourself but please be careful, to tell all of your problem to someone who concern about you only, if else, it will be their object to start talking about and gossiping you. For me, I found some people I know well and they helped me a lot.

[Meet Up]

3. Swimming

[Savvoya Hotel]

Savvoya Hotel
Jl. Mertanadi No.202, Bali, 
Badung Regency, Bali

At my last getaway to Bali, there was 2 of seniors from my university that I know came to Bali too. They were nice to me and offered to swim at their hotel. Savvoya Hotel was a beautiful hotel and it was nice since the rates was not so expensive.


Another tips for me to enjoy yourself, SWIM! Water help you to relax and forget about things! For a moment I really had a great time playing around with water and could forget about all of my problem for awhile.

4. Have a Me-Time


Since I was traveling alone, some of you might confused how to enjoy being alone. Here's the thing, people who could have a great time alone is the best people. Nothing attached, we and ourself is the one who responsible for our own happiness. So if you feel someone responsible for you stressed, it just your own respond, if you could handle it right, you probably won't care about people stupidity.

[Seminyak Square]

For me to enjoy myself, I would probably walking around mall and just looking around, find something interesting, eat at cafe and stayed for hours. Do my blog, writing is something that I found it quite stress-relieved.


Or since, you were in Bali, why don't you walk along the beachside. Find some place that are quiet and peacful. Calm your mind, listen to your music and maybe nap a bit!

Wowww! That was long right? This is probably my longest post ever, sorry for the emotional stuff. I've got carried away because when I wrote that I was really pissed off by some people. But that was some of my tips to have fun! Remember, no matter how many people talked about you, they're just stupid people that only gossiping around. So go ahead, show them that you are happy, they will be jealous for sure!

Have a good time people!!

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