Coffee Time at Ruang Seduh, Jogjakarta

[Ruang Seduh]

So after met up with Emily at Mediterranea. I was waiting for my mom to picked me up at this all white spacious coffeeshop near there called "Ruang Seduh"

Ruang Seduh
Jl. Tirtodipuran No.46, 
Mantrijeron, Kota Yogyakarta, 
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
Ruang seduh means Brewing room or chamber idk, lol. This place base color and interior was all white, Everything looks so clean!





Nothing much to say about this place, all you can see on my pict. It was such an instag-able place, but when I came was a lil' bit crowded so I was a bit shy to take a good picture. So, I want to tell something, whenever I want to take a picture, I would look around me first, because if many people watching me, It was really embarrassing.


All I could ordered was only their coffee, because their cake was out of stock and I didn't really like cold brew, and I didn't feel for tea that time.

[Caffe Latte]


So as you guys know, I always ordered caffe latte at coffeeshop, idk why but I really love this kind of coffee because it was not too strong, but you still could feel the caffeine. Their coffee was really good, latte art was simple but I really expected much more since this place specialities in coffee or maybe they were just too lazy.


After all, this place was really suitable for study and work, but one problem : they didn't have wifi. OMG!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? I thought every cafe should have a wifi nowadays. But this place was really spacious so it was really fun to hang out here.

[Samsung Note 5]

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So that's it for today, hope to post something soon. Please stay tune and subscribe! :)


  1. I really love your photograph!!

    x Fay

  2. Omo! Sukaaaa banget sama foto-fotonya. Nice pic Alvian 😊 Baru aja dari Ruang Seduh Jogja, dan agak kaget ketika ternyata tempatnya nggak luas yaah. Pilihan warna serba putih di desain interiornya bikin di foto jadi keliatan luas kafenya. Kece!

    1. Iya tempatnya gak luas tapi instagable banget sih interiornya hehee :)

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