Juicy Meats by Pepperloin Steakhouse


Pepperloin Steakhouse
Jalan Mandara Permai VII 
Ruko The Metro Unit KS Kapuk, 
Pantai Indah, DKI Jakarta, 
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

Are you a big fan of steak ? Well, I am not. But I want to share this nice and lovely place I ate with my friend Lidya a.k.a Teteh ( @lidyatanjaya ) a while ago. As we strolled around PIK's new cafe, we were distracted by their big banner, it said that they're giving 30% discount for their soft opening.

[Table's situation]

As usual, because I don't know what to choose since I'm rarely eat steak and because I didn't find it delicious somehow, I just picked their recommended menu, Yeap! It's their USA premium wagyu. 

[USA Wagyu]

I prefer the medium well cooked, because I could feel their juicy and tenderness cooked meat. The inside was pretty raw and red but that was my preferences. Even I'm not a big fan of steak but I must said that this one was one of the best and juicy meat I tasted so far. You can choose the side dish, first there is vegetables or grilled corn, next is french fries or mashed potato. 

[BBQ sauce]

Next is you choose the sauce! They have variant sauce so you can choose what you like, for me I picked their BBQ sauce and voilaaaa! Loot at my steak! Seems so tempting and delicious ( and even better with the discount we got lol ). The price for the wagyu itself cost about IDR 190.000,- and it was not so pricey when it comes to steak. So yeah, we enjoyed our steak. Make sure you give it a try for this restaurant.

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