Black Crystal from Martabak Lab, Tebet

[Martabak Lab]

Hello, it's been awhile since my last post, how ya doin'?
Last time I had an invitation from my friend to try Martabak Lab menu, so let me tell you how it's goin'

Martabak Lab
Jl. Tebet Utara Dalam No. 3, 
Tebet, Jakarta

At first, I never heard anything about Martabak Lab, and I'm not a really big fan of Martabak. As I know, there's 2 type of martabak, the sweet and the savoury one. So my first thought was like "hey, let's give it a try!". Then, as we came to the store, the owner welcomed us and he told us about their new signature martabak menu : Black Crystal Martabak

[Black Crystal]

So, what is Black Crystal Martabak ? It's a sweet martabak that inspired by the well known black forest cake. For the topping, they put sliced vanilla tango and Lindt white chocolate. But don't worry! they have a various choices of topping so it's okay if you want to change the topping.

At the first bite you could taste their warm butter melt and dance in your mouth, then you could feel the black crystal martabak softness side at it finest, with the Lindt white chocolate on the inside of Martabak, it tasted so sweet and good, but what I really impressed was their sweetness was so balance with the topping. I thought it would be very sweet because all of the topping and I would feel nauseated, but it didn't.

The owner also let us to saw how they make their Black crystal Martabak :


The other menu that the owner served us was their invention of savoury martabak as they called them "Tipis Asin". Why? because it is a thin and crispy Martabak with the savoury variant meat inside the Martabak.

[Tipis Asin]

As you can see how delicious it would be and look at that savoury meat inside! Makes me drooling. I've tried some of their variant, and my favourite so far is their Rendang Tipis Asin!

[Tipis Asin #2]

Don't like rending, you could choose other variant, they have about 5 different Tipis Asin Variant :

  • Tuna Mayo and Egg
  • Meat and Cheese Lover
  • Rendang
  • Chicken Teriyaki
  • Chicken Salted Egg


Maybe you want to try their martabak but worried because it was too far from your place, don't worry! They're available on Go Food service from Gojek app as well, so you could order their Martabak without coming to the store. The other good news is :

They're having a promo where you could buy Black Crystal + Any Tipis Asin for Rp 120.000,-. So what are you waiting for ? Go order!

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