10 Days Amazing Japan Trip - Part 1 : Tips and Tokyo

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Hey peeps, 
So today, I'll be talking about holiday. Speaking of holiday, where have you guys been ? Is it nice or not ? Is there something interesting happened ? 

For me, I'm taking 10 days trip to Japan from Golden Rama Tour. This holiday season was not that cheap, the trip that I took was quite expensive and Japan has become a hype country to visit by Indonesian nowadays. Since the price for 10 days to japan is equal to 14 days to Europe, you could probably guessing that Japan is really famous now.
Day 1

The first day of the schedule was not exactly to be called first day at all, we only had a flight to Japan and my flight was at 11.30 PM. So I don't know how could the tour counted an half of hour equals to a day but hey! let's moving on and maybe I could give some tips that could be useful for traveling :

1. Check All the Things You Should Know

Before going to anywhere, make sure you check all about that country. For me, since I'm coming to Japan, I check the currency first, they use Japanese Yen ( 1 yen = 130 IDR ), then their weather and season ( in this month, it is still summer in Japan, so it is gonna be hot ), what type of the electric plug they use and stuff.

2. Suitcase and Clothes 

Next, since I know the schedule from the tour and also check the weather. I bring a lot of short pants and t-shirt for the basic daily wear, but I checked also that we will going to the Mt. Fuji and Alpine Road so it's gonna be a lil' bit cold and windy, also there's some rainy day from the forecast. Secondly, the most important thing is just bring few of your clothes, don't bring a 10 days worth of clothes, just bring some clothes that you could use twice in there. Also bring some cool and fashionable clothes because I know you want to take a cool picture there!

For the suitcase, my mom always packed our clothes on a small suitcase and then she puts that on a bigger suitcase, so we have an extra suitcase for the souvenirs and gifts. It was really convenient to bring more than less.

3. Language Barrier

Since Japan is known for their big nationalism, few of them whose willing to learn other country language and culture, even the basic english word. So it would be better if you learn some basic Japanese words like water, rice, like, how much, size, color, toilet, hot, cold and stuff.

4. Stay Connected, Bring Powerbank and Charger

Since you probably get roaming cost from your cellphone, just googling how much the sim card in there and their data plan. Internet is so important when you are in abroad. You could find anything and you can use your translator to communicate. Well, Japan don't use a sim card, their cellphone was already had a mobile network from the company they bought the phone before, so it was hard for me because the roaming price was a lil' bit high. But Japan provide a wifi portable that you could rent for day or more. But since I was in the tour, couldn't have a time to rent that on the airport before so I kept using the roaming cost. Also Powerbank to keep your phone full battery.

5. Backpack and Camera

Since we are going abroad, make sure you use a comfortable backpack since it will be very hectic and tiring trip, find a good backpack that suits your style. Don't forget to bring a camera also to took a lot of pic and don't forget to have fun!

That was the tips you could use from me, anyway back to the schedule. It was an 8 hours long flight so by the time we arrived it would be in the morning, and Japan is 2 hours ahead from Indonesia.

Day 2


Don't forget to style up your Airport fashion!
For me, I always use a long pants, shoes, basic t-shirt and a blazer or jacket since I'm easily get cold at the airplane. I also use my handbag since I brought my laptop with me.

Top : Basic T-shirt from cotton on          
Outwear : jacket from Zara      
Pants : Uniqlo        
Shoes : Pull & Bear      
Handbag : Louis Vuitton  

Arrived at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan, we didn't had a chance to take a shower even to wash our face. We continued our trip straight to the famous theme park in Tokyo. It was Disnyeland!!


[My family]

There's 2 sub-park of Disneyland : the main Disneyland like others country and the sea-themed Japan only, the Disneysea! For today's schedule, we were only going to the Disneyland since the Disneysea is tomorrow's schedule! We had a 2 days pass so we will need the ticket for tomorrow, so better not to lose it.


It was a really huge place to visit, and since it was really close to the summer's Tanabata Festival, there were so many Japanese decoration alongside the park.





The park was so huge, there's some different theme from the disney's movie in every side of the park but I can't show you all since I'm not strolling to all of that place because our times was so short. The most important thing in here is the souvenir and gift shop!


[Stitch from Swarovski]

There are so many attractions but most of them were made for the children and not really into my age so we didn't play anything. We just enjoy the place, eat snacks, and watch parade.


What we eat ?


Grandma Sara's Kitchen at Critter Country

What we ordered ?

  • A special Set ( 1,480 JPY )



What you got on a special set is a tomato demi-glace Sauced meat patty with rice, a bowl of salad, a cheesecake and a choice of beverage.

  • Meat Patty with Buttered Rice ( 1,350 JPY )


The overall review for the food itself is quite nice, portion was generous, but the price was expensive ( oh well, it's disneyland after all, nothing is cheap ). My fav would be the meat patty but it was more expensive than the special set. The special set is the best choice if you want to save your money, after all the cheesecake was delicious and a must to try!


The next thing you should buy is their popcorn's bucket, they sold a character bucket separately so I hope you would find the character you like on the map. It was hard for me to find this cutie Stitch, but I really love stitch so I went to every popcorn's store to find one. They had various type of taste but it was located separately, don't worry about the bucket, you can refill the popcorn in your own bucket so you don't need to buy another one. But still, the bucket was quite expensive tho!


[My lil' Sis]

What I really love about Japanese people in here was they embrace the moment really good. They use and wear many various kind of disney character, they are not afraid to express, they looked like having a good time in disneyland, wearing headband, clothes, and stuff. It was fun to look also.

At the night, since most of the shops and store are closed at 9 - 10 PM, we only had a small time to explore Tokyo more, we decided to go to Shinjuku.

How we went there ? We used Tokyo Metro Train.
It was not that hard and looked a lil' bit like MRT on Singapore. They had the machines to buy the ticket, don't worry! it has english language, All you need to do is just saw the big map, find the station you want to stop and there's the price of the ticket on the map. Just buy the ticket which is worth the price you need to go the station you want ( for example, from my station to Shinjuku station is about 170 JPY, So I'll buy the 170 JPY ticket ), then after you pick the ticket, choose for how many person then insert the coin. The ticket will come out from the machine and you can use right away it to the gate machine.

In Shinjuku, there was no stores that really catches my attention, but only one store, yes BIC CAMERA. It is a huge dept store with many floors that sell so many electronic stuff, and there's where I bought my new camera lens for my Fuji camera.

In the street, there were so many food stall and most of them sell skewers, it looked so appetizing but too bad we didn't had a chance to try them because it was too crowded.

Day 3



So the next day, we visited the DisneySea. The Sea themed Disneyland park that only in Japan. Most of this place theme is about sea, harbor and stuff.








There's slightly differences from the main Disneyland, the attraction is more challenging and suitable for teens like us. What you guys should try is the Journey to the center of the earth. It is a high speed mini roller coaster but it was not so frightening so don't worry just enjoy the ride.


What to Eat ?


I forgot the name of the restaurant, but it's located on the aladdin themed park : Agrabah. This place has the best setting and a really good restaurant.




I'm not a big fan of curry, but seriously guys this place sell good CURRY! It was super delicious ( even tho the it's too pricey ). Curry served with rice and some sort of soft prata bread and don't forget about the mousse for the dessert.

What to do next ?

Visit a gift shop!

They sell a lot of Good Disney's goodies. From keychain, dolls, mugs, bags, accessories, case, and much more. But my eyes only for you, stitch! Lol!



Wear a souvenir T-shirt

Blend in with others, join the fun, and cherish the moment. When and where again you will wear stuff like this. It's only in here when you can be playful and having fun!



Watch the Parade

Parade is always the best thing here. It's so fun to watch the performance although it's in Japanese language but they're so entertaining. You could find so many iconic character like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy and greet them!


At the end, when we back for our dinner, the tour leader brought us to this Chinese restaurant near the Disneysea. She said it was the only Chinese food that we'll eat and it was a big feast!!






It was really good!! The portion was a lot! They served us everything from tofu, chicken, prawn, beef, pork, lobster and veggies. The taste was amazingly seasoned perfectly ( or maybe it was just because I was hungry lol ), but no lies, the food is amazing. I ate it deliciously.

At night, like usual, we went to explore more about Tokyo. This time, we went to Shibuya. It was a famous district for the shops, restaurant and also the busiest and crowded people on Japan.


The famous one is the Shibuya crossing, which is a really super duper crowded crossing street ever. people was everywhere and you might get lost in the sea of humans.


And that's where I met her, meet @iiiiiim__ from Thailand, we accidentally bump into each other and she was asking me to take a picture of her while crossing the street and since that we had a nice conversation. It was really nice to meet new people and making connection wider. I hope we could meet again soon.

[Shopping street]

Then just a lil' bit walk from the crossing, there's this street where so many famous brand like bershka, zara and others lined up. Many cafes also and the LED was striking like it was so alive!

I came here for one reason. Trying the most talked yet delicious ramen store. It was ICHIRAN RAMEN, it was the branch in Shibuya tho but it still super crowded. The queue was no joke! most of the people came here were tourist from many country.

[Ichiran Ramen]

At the queue, you should pick the menu first and pay at the vending machine, then after it's your turn, they will give you a paper which you can choose how strong the flavors, the ramen texture, and also toppings like boiled egg, sliced pork and more..



It was really worth the queue, it was amazing! we ate at separate chamber, they said so we could enjoy our ramen to the fullest. The ramen texture was super mild and the most delicious part of the ramen is the broth soup. I don't mind if they only give me the broth without the noodles because it was really that good! It's A MUST to try this ramen once in your Japan trip!

Day 4

Today is our last day in Tokyo, we started it with morning breakfast that provided by our hotel, it was New Otani Hotel.



They served us with Japanese or Western style food, either way was a really good food and the atmosphere was so good for an early morning.

The journey continued to the most iconic place, yes it was a Tokyo tower! But it was so close to us that we can't take a good picture because it was to tall and huge. Inside the tower there was so many stores like souvenir and gift shop. But the thing that catches our attention was none other than the Tokyo Banana! They said this place sell it with a good price, so we bought a lot!


Next, we moved to Ginza district. It was a luxurious district. There are many famous brands here like LV, Chanel, Burberry, Rolex, Prada and much more. It is shopping time!

From the Ginza, we moved to Sensoji Temple, but before that, we will ate our lunch near the temple.




It was a set food which contains chawanmushi, tempura, grilled salmon, rice, beansprout, miso soup and sashimi. No judge but this is the worst food I ate in the tour. The chawanmushi and tempura were so tasteless and yucks. The grilled salmon save the day at least.

[Road to Sensoji Temple]

Then the road to Sensoji Temple was full of souvenir and gift shops again. They sell some good kimono and yukata, I bought a piece of yukata for me.




Inside the temple, there were so many people praying and wishing for their happiness, luck and business. They said it is a Buddhist temple here.


I tried my luck too, but I got a Bad fortune lol! I hope nothing bad will happened to me.

[Bad Fortune ]


That's it for Tokyo trip! That evening we continue our way to the next city Nagano, It was really a joyful and pleasure from Tokyo, I hope I could visit this city again. Soon.

[Bye Tokyo]

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