BEAU Cikajang - Meet Up With The Boys


It's been awhile since my last hangout with my friends to do some cafe-hoping and since all of my Uni's friends are not into these stuff, I always do it alone, such a lonely man lol. That's why it is really feel great to enjoy it once awhile with some people that share same interest with you and we decided to meet up at this not so new cafe called BEAU in South Jakarta.

Jl. Cikajang no. 29
South Jakarta




It was my first time coming to this place, as I know, there're BEAU's outlet in a mall but I even never noticed it because I was not so into bakery, especially the fancy one lol and also this is the newest and only cafe that BEAU have for now. So it was so much different than the outlet one. 

This place also have so many variant menu, from the main course like sandwich and toast until fresh from the oven variant of breads and stunning cakes. 






We ordered some cakes and croissant to take photos for our IG feed. We ordered the matcha eclair, astrid and also Croissant Aux Amandex.

[Croissant Aux Amandex]


So this is Croissant Aux Amandex which is a simple croissant with almond cream and slice almond on top. Well, I must admit that their bakery was really good, the croissant didn't give us any bad critics. Texture was great, crisp on the outside, soft in the inside. It was really nice to eat this croissant.

[Matcha Eclair]

For the Matcha eclair or also known as Green Tea eclair, since I'm not a big fan of matcha so it tasted the same for me. I didn't say it was bad, it was nice but nothing special about it for me personally. But I gave them credits for the perfect texture of the dough.



As for their cake, I asked them for some recommendation, and the gave me this "Astrid" cake. It was their best selling, they said. Raspberry, pistachio, white chocolate and also yogurt mixed together and on the top of that it was poppin' candy and dried raspberry. I even tasted some mango 'cause it was so fresh but I know they didn't add mango to this cake. Anyway this cake was full of surprise, it was really good that's why many people enjoyed this cake, and you guys should too!

[Table's situation]



Ohh yeahh, let me introduce them. So with me at this cafe were Ko Alex ( @alexxrex ), Ko Dedy ( @dedycasanova ), Ko Felix ( @felixlims ) and also Jerel ( @jeremyjeerel ). They were already famous on instagram unlike me whose nobody haha, you guys could check their IG and follow them too! I was this kind of guy who's shy to take photos of my food when I'm alone or with people who doesn't like to take photos too. Because it was so awkward! But with them, I could take photos all the way I want without caring people around. 

It was a really nice meet up, we talked and shared a lot. I hope we could do this again next time!!
And that's it for today's post. See you guys again next time.

[From left: Jerel, Ko Dedy, Ko Felix, Ko Alex, Me]

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