To Tell You the Truth



Hi Everyone,
So today, I'm gonna post something different than I used to post. All of you whose following my blog would know that I use to post some review some restaurant or my journey to some place. But you guys should realize that all of the content on my post are some bullsh*t lol!


1. Same Content

Yeahh, as you guys see, all of my post was basically about food and if you realize it, all of the photo I took was only a flatlay from upside and then next I'll show you some close up photo of the food. Then  I will tell you the taste and how I feel. Sometimes, I feel boring to do stuff like this, like every post is the same, nothing fun and everyone already did the same.

2. Not So Food Blogger

If you tell me that I am a food blogger, well..... it is hard to tell that way, like my picture was basically taken just for fun and not so serious that's why the result was a lil' bit plain and ugly ( ughhh yeahh, I know that ), some of the pic was lucky shot and duhhhh... I really don't know how to review a food. My grammar and vocabulary about food was so little, and then I didn't know how to determine it was a good, a delicious, an okay or a worse food. Like all the taste of food I ate was good ( unless it was to awful to eat ). Anything that eatable and good I will call it delicious lol. Then, i didn't order so much food at a restaurant, it makes my post more shorter because there's nothing to review anymore, I didn't even put the price on the post either. Uhh yeah, basically I'm not a "real" food blogger.

3. A Bad Fashion Blogger

The next thing about me is I was physically not so good to be a fashion blogger lol. I'm short and a lil' bit chub ( I'm on dietttt! ) and I don't have that good taste of fashion, just look at this :

[Fashion disaster]

See? It's not working for me. Plus, a fashion blogger was a really gold digger because you need to spend money on those clothes ( and I'm a bit shopaholic too ) so I won't have money left to eat because every single penny would be end on the stores lol.

4. Travel Blogging ?

It was really ring my mind once. I really love traveling and nature, but somehow I don't have a friend to do so. All of my friends was like to go to somewhere clean and neat, they preferred to shop than to hike. So it was my first trouble then I didn't have that much money to always travel all the time. 


But I really love traveling, hope I would go somewhere soon!

5. Taking and Editing Photo

This was somehow my biggest problem. I really like photography but I didn't have a friend to develop my hobby so I was on the stable and not improving. I know some people like famous instagrammer but somehow, I was socially awkward to talk with them, maybe because of the age differences and I only "know" them and we rarely hang out, we only met at the event ( and I rarely got invitation also, because yeahh I'm not a famous person ). But I always jealous of other's photos. They look amazing, stunning and smooth also. I want to learn how to take and edit a good picture.

6. Stress and Run Out of Idea

I didn't know but I was really tired of my campus life, I had some serious trouble that I can't tell you here. It was really a stress and depressing for me but I still pray for the best. Next, it was exam week and you know how medical student deal with it, it was devastating. Then, since I didn't fit any of food, fashion, travel or etc stuff. I'm run out of idea of what to post. But I really hope you guys would continue my journey on this blog. I hope you guys would like my post and I will try to make my blog interesting to you guys. So just wait for it!

So these are the truth about me and this blog, I hope you guys would still look up to this blog. And don't forget to subscribe by submit your email to this box on the home page of my blog


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So here's today's post. I blog random stuff, some people would judge me for all of I did but I won't and never will satisfied everyone. Life is about choices. I really like to write and post on the blog and so I did, no matter what people said, no matter if I'm a nobody and not famous, but hey, we can be anyone we want, right?

See ya on the next post!

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