First Try Using Xiaomi YiCam and Editing Short Vlog

So I was trying edit some video from my last visit to Papajo Eatery back in January 2016 with some of girl friends. At this time I was using Xiaomi Yi Cam and this was my first time using it. 

After looking at the result, I think I was a lil' bit shaky and not handy using the Cam because it is too tiny and I was using my bare hand only, no pod or stabilizer. But after all I'm so impressed with the result. Because it was cheaper than GoPro, but I got a look alike result. 

Anyway, back to video editing. It was really hard to edit some vlog, I don't know why people can do it smoothly. Well, I promise I will make better video in the future. 


  1. Hi! Nice vlog! :D What video editor did you use?

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