One Night Journey to BBQ Party

It's been one week after Bali,

Holiday is still one month long, and I don't have any more plan to do now,
I've been planning to do some BBQ party with my closest friends ( which I usually refer them as my brother ) when I was in Bali, I already asked them when will they be free because my plan is including a sleepover too.

Started with 2 of my best brother; ko Alex ( @alexxrex ) and ko Joan ( @stevenjoan ). They're the first 2 person I asked because Ko Alex is still in his Exam week and Ko Joan is an internship in a advertising company, so basically they're the busiest people I invite that's why I need to check their schedule first.

On the other hand, there's Ko Kevin ( @kevinwinsonata ) and Sandi ( @sandiasmara ).  Sandi is from Bandung and he's a law student in a christian university there ( although he's a muslim ), Ko kevin is already working in some company in Jakarta and his work is kinda flexible. They're the most available person I know and I don't need to check them.

After a long planning and checking schedule done, I made an invitation to them so it looks more official ( just for fun ), and I decide to BBQ-ing at Saturday, 4th July 2015 'til Sunday, 5th July 2015.

[BBQ Invitation]

Saturday, 4th July 2015

I have a full day plan. at 3 PM I should meet Quincy (@quincyfans ) and Gracia ( @graciastefanihalim ), they're my 2 best biatch since junior high school and I haven't meet them for awhile. We plan to meet up at Central Park and then we will go to Senopati to find some good restaurant or cafe and then I'll go back to Central Park again and meet Ko Kevin, Alex, Joan and Sandi. But because of the heavy traffic in Jakarta, our plan got postponed and I arrived at Central Park at 5 PM.

Because it's too late to go to Senopati, me, Gracia and Quincy only could to take a walk in the bazaar that been held in some park space of the mall. Not so much to view, and we only grab some dori fish for the snack. There's a new frozen yogurth in the mall called llaollao, it's a famous fro-yo store in Singapore actually and we're so curious about it so we took some yogurth first, we have a high expectation because in Singapore they said the line could be 2 hours long to get a single yogurth but the taste didn't come as we expected. it's not bad, it's good but not the best I've ever taste.

After that 
I met Ko kevin and Sandi at Ikkudo ichi along with Gracia and Quincy, our first plan was going to Senopati with Sandi's car but suddenly it got canceled and we split up with Quincy and Gracia because they have other things to do. and the rest was history..

The plan changes. So we will go to Grand Indonesia to eat something before the bbq party because we have to wait for ko Joan, and before that we stop at Ko Alex's dorm to take him with us. We go without noticing anything strange until we got to Grand Indonesia's carpark. it was a disaster! 

[P5 carpark]

The car suddenly stop when we're halfway up at P5, and thanks god the car wasn't going down because Sandi have a good reflex to use the handbrake. after we push our car into the roadside, we check the car. the heat is high and there's smoke coming up from the machine. We thought it's because the radiator, so we grab some bottles of water to fill it and after awhile, the temperature is getting lower and we continue to the P8 and just about a min we think our problem is solved, suddenly the smokes keep coming up from the car and we hurried to find a spot to park and wait it 'til the machine is cooling down.

[Grand Indonesia's Carpark]

So we go to the mall and after a hour we finally gonna pick up Ko Joan, because of the traumatic thing that happen in the carpark, we didn't use the AC and we drive really slow so the machine is not gonna get too hot and stop in the middle of the road but all we did is not working.

It was 11 PM, At the intersection of the road, when there's traffic light, suddenly the car stopped. it can't be helped so we push the car to the roadside again and after a discussion we finally have an agreement that we'll push this car together to the nearest apartment and park the car in there for a night and take a taxi to my home ( because the bbq will be held on my home ), so tomorrow we'll come back to get the car and take it to the workshop and get its done.

The way to the carpark apartment is up, so we must push it real hard so the car will go up, but because there's only 5 of us, we can not do it by ourself, the security and some people on the street help us to push the car. It takes 10 peoples to lift a single car way up. It was tiring and unforgettable.

We grab a taxi, and move our bags from Sandi's car to the taxi, Finally we are going to our home and arrive safely but we're already tired to clean up and preparing for the BBQ. After awhile, we finally move our ass and prepare everything from the ingredients to the griller and other stuff.

Our menu is Chicken, beef, squid and prawn. We peeled the prawn's skin first, and then we do the squid, and then the chicken, and last is the beef!

[Grilling the squid]
[Squid is ready to eat]

Yeah, the prawn and squid was nice, no fishy smell either, the sauce is made only with some margarine, soy sauce and a little chilli sauce. 

But the best is yet to come, it was the chicken and the beef that makes me mouthwatering. It was really good and smell really nice too, the seasoning is perfect and the pepper make it smells good and have a lil' bit of sweet flavour to the meat.

[The best in our BBQ party]
[looks really tasty]

It was 12 PM when we started it and ends up 'til 3 AM. Was a really nice atmosphere we got back there. We need to do this more. I love the simplicity of getting along together in a small group without fancy restaurant or cafe and have a little chit chat and joking around. It was really a quality time!

[From left to right: Alex, Sandi, Joan, Me, and Kevin]

After we eat, we clean up all of our mess we made, and it was so many things we need to do before sleep. Because we created one big mess at the rooftop of my house and we cannot leave it there because we don't have any housemaid too.

[Mess we made]

A half and one hour passed by, we already clean up and preparing for sleep, it's already 4 AM and we need to wake up early to take Sandi's car to the workshop and we are also planning to go to AEON Mall at BSD city ( which is very far from here ). And we started to sleep...

Sunday's coming! We woke up at 9 AM and eat some breakfast, I'm the one who's hard to get up so I'm the last one to take a shower and after this and that finally we ready to go.

[Morning situation]
[Wefie with Ko Joan and Ko Alex before going]

We ride my car to the apartment where we left sandi's car and take it to the workshop at Palmerah area, we split up from Sandi and ko Joan because they need to wait for their car, so me and Ko Alex and Ko Kevin got to go first to the AEON.

The main reason we go there despite Ko Alex, Ko Joan and Sandi never been to AEON is to eat their famous cheap yet delicious Sushi and Sashimi at the AEON food hall on the ground floor.
The mall is very crowded and it's hard for me to get a spot to park my car because it was Sunday.

We tried the sushi and sashimi, yes it's cheap and nice, the line to take this food is really long and it was a chaos.

[Sushi and Sashimi from AEON. Credits to @alexxrex]

And also, after Ko Joan and Sandi come, there's this space in the mall called Ramen Village, In that space there's 7 different ramen store, we tried the most crowded one called Universal Ramen.

We tried 4 of the most recommended ramen they gave :

[Universal Ramen. Credits to @alexxrex]

Their ramen is very tasty, each of the ramen give us some different sensation and taste. I like mine the most because they use prawn broth for the soup and some ebi in the top which is made it more delicious. Oh yeah, you can refill the ramen if the soup is not finished too!

A bowl of nice ramen is enough to close this Sunday. Finally I go home all by myself driving from BSD to Dadap. It was really a nice and exhausting weekend. When I got home, I slept really hard until tomorrow. And this is how my weekend spent, and I'm looking forward to have another unforgettable moment like this again..


  1. HI there! What an unpredictable day it is. By the way, I love how detailed your story is, from the story of your friends and the car. Oh I hope the cars is alright by now. It must have been very difficult for you guys during that time. And, it is very nice of you too to make the BBQ invitation to make it look more 'official'. Just like you, I prefer small intimate gatherings like that where everyone is on ease instead of going to fancy places.

    filicia | Candy After Dinner

    1. Well, thankyou for your comment. I hope you enjoy my post. Btw how do u know this blog? nice to know you :)

    2. You're welcome. I enjoy it really. I think there are not so many bloggers who tell stories as detailed as you so I truly enjoy it.

      Blogwalking! Apparently I love reading much more than writing so I tend to blogwalk a lot. And apparently, we also have a mutual friend. Nice to know you too btw :)

      filicia | Candy After Dinner

    3. oh yeahh who is it? nice to know you either. maybe we could hang out sometimes and make some post about it on our blog like cafe hoppin' lol

  2. haha, it's Joan. He is my university classmate, and a really good friend too. That sounds like a good idea. Let's meet up sometimes and invite Joan as our personal photographer, haha.

    Shoot me an email here: , or if you'd prefer LINE chat, I will ask your contact from Joan : )

    1. Ohhh icic that's why I often heard your name, sure! I think it's a good idea. I prefer line lol mine is alviansilver. ;)