Family Time with Culinary Festival

[Glimpse of Festival Kuliner Serpong]

At the same day after I had my breakfast at Pasar Muara Karang, I had this short quality time with my family. I went home at the evening and brought all of my dirty clothes. I'm too lazy to take it to the laundry and I always forgot to bring it home before. My mom messaged me before to come home earlier because she wanted to go to Festval Kuliner Serpong ( Serpong's Culinary Festival ) that been held in Summarecom mall Serpong ( SMS ). I remember that I spent most of my time at sms when I still in school, because it wasn't that far from my school and everyone I know always planned to meet up in there since it's a really well known mall in Tangerang area.

So I arrived home at 4.00 PM when there's only me and my brother at home and we must waited for our mom and dad, also our sister to come back home. Oh yeah, I had 2 siblings, one is a younger brother that have 3 years difference from me and then my sister is the youngest in family, she's 7 years younger than me. After all of my family gathered, we're set to go!

Arrived at sms, we wanted to use the valet service but the valet were full so we must looked the available carpark on the basement. It was Saturday Night and the mall was very crowded. We managed it somehow to parked our car near the escalator to the mall.

This year, the Culinary festival took a theme from North Sumatra, So all the decoration that had been put here implied the characteristic of North Sumatra, such as the traditional house and clothes. But for the food itself, they sell so many different multicultural food around Indonesia and we are ready to pamper our tummy.

[Nasi Campur Bali]
My first stop was Nasi Campur Bali. It's a traditional food from Bali because I was so jealous of Ko Kevin and Ko Alex, they were just arrived in Bali and they had a meet up with Ko Sam and Ko KJ and I couldn't join them because it was so expensive for the plane if I want to go home at Sunday, but the other problem is I can't go home on Monday because I had 2 exam. So I was a lil' bit stuffed.

Anyway, nasi campur that I had here was an okay, it was not so good tho. I had a better one before. The other thing was, I didn't see the chili, So it was so hot and spicy in my mouth and I hadn't bought the drink yet. 

[Pork Satay]

But even it was an okay and spicy, I really like their pork satay. But who doesn't love pork? It's the best meat God have given us. Any food with pork inside won't disappoint us.

[Javanese Fried Bakmi]

Next is Javanese fried bakmi, it's just an ordinary fried bakmi but the queue was so long and we had to wait for almost 30 mins in here. I remembered there's one people who bought 8 bakmi so it made the others queue because the process wasn't so fast either. But it worth the wait. It's a lil' bit too sweet because of the soy sauce for the other, but according to me, this bakmi could be my favourite food I had in there.


The last one was Surabi. You can ordered it with a topping you like too. My mom bought some with the chocolate topping on it. I didn't know but the surabi is kinda thinner than I had before with Ko Sam in Bali. But for the taste was not so different. My favourite was the crispy part of it. This also had the longest queueing also.

By the way I'm joining the food photography competition for this event using those photos above. Hope I could win the fujifilm X-M1 tho! Wish me luck!

Cheers! - @alviansilver

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