Catching Up with Quinta

[Me and Quinta]

At Friday, 28th of August 2015 me and Quinta ( @quintafebryani ) went to Emporium Mall ( The nearest mall from our campus ) after class. We went there spontaneously because actually we had schedule to make a trailer for one of our upcoming event in my University but It got postponed because some of the cast couldn’t make it that day so we had some free time.

Quinta asked me to accompany her to Empo because her driver must pick his brother first so she’ll be waiting first and she didn’t know what to do to kill the time. But we were confused because we wanted to eat sushi and there’s 2 restaurants that came up in our mind. Either Sushi Tei or Genki sushi, and after we talked and discussed about it, we picked Sushi Tei because we had Genki before not so long ago.

When we were eating at Sushi Tei, we had a lot talk and chat, Quinta is one of my friends that have this ‘click’ with me so it’s really enjoyable to talk with her. She also helped me checking and editing my grammar mistakes on this blog.  An hour passed by and unintentionally we talked about some good restaurants and cafes in SCBD that we had never visited before. Then she said that tomorrow she had to be in Pacific Place which  is next to SCBD to buy something. Quinta herself said that she never been into SCBD before. An idea popped into my mind, so I said to her “Why don’t we have lunch on SCBD tomorrow?” and she replied with a positive answer. We picked Wilshire, because it’s quite well known restaurant and as I remembered, it’s located in SCBD because I’ve been there before for Nita’s Birthday Dinner.

29th of August 2015

So we decided somehow to be in Wilshire at 12.30 PM. I told her to contact me if she’s already on the way but she didn’t. At last, after I asked her via chat she just realized and told me to go now. Because that’s place is kinda far and I thought it would face so much traffic because it was Saturday so I used Ojek ( Indonesian for motorcycle taxi ) using Grabbike feature from GrabTaxi App. And I used ‘merahputih’ code so I just paid IDR 5.000,00 for the ojek lol so cheap!. And then I faced this problem. I forgot that if I used motorcycle, the route that we should take is different from when we use car, we can’t use highway and it became farther and go round and round.

Suddenly, I’ve got this message from Quinta that Wilshire is in Senopati instead of  SCBD.  I was shocked, because I didn’t know where is it and I checked again and again in Waze app but what I found was the one from SCBD. We were very confused. After a moment, We just realized that Wilshire is moved from SCBD to Senopati. She told me that it’s on the 2nd level of Colette & Lola Cake shop. Okay, problem solved! I just need to go to the new place.

Wilshire Restaurant
Jl. Senopati no. 64
Jakarta 12190 - Indonesia
+62 21 722 8129


Arrived, Quinta was so stuffed because she didn’t like how the waiters looked at her, she ordered a drink only and she told me that the minimum order is IDR 100.000,00 each per person. She was nagging all over why I’ve been late and I replied back that it was because she forgot to contact me. She accepted it lol. Since it is Wilshire, I knew that I would spend my money over the min order but I’m out of cash and I need to save my money, I calculated my order and it was IDR 150.000,00.

For main course, I really craved burger that time, but I didn’t know which one should I pick. So I asked the waiter about the burger and she recommended me the BBQ Pulled Back Burger for me and without any hesitation I picked that one. And for the drink, I picked ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do”. It’s a kind of mocktail and contains banana, honey, milk and nuts. For Quinta, since she’s on her ’diet’, she ordered Burrito which is full of veggies.

Quinta suggested me that we should have an appertizer like French fries and since I was so hungry back then, I agreed and we ordered the Portobelle Fries. For dessert, she wanted to share the soufflé. I thought that the appetizer and dessert wouldn’t cost so much like IDR 40.000,00 – 50.000,00 each menu. So I was okay with it without seeing the price on the menu again.

[Portobelle Fries]

When the food arrived, what we saw first was the Portobelle fries, and we just knew that It’s not a French fries. It’s a deep fried mushroom. The fries was served with some kind of tartar sauce, For the fried mushroom itself was nice even without the sauce, it tasted so crispy and you could feel their juicy mushroom inside. But when you ate it with the sauce, it’s a real deal!

[Table's Situation]

Moving on, at last our main course had arrived. The burrito that Quinta ordered was so ordinary, just veggies with sauce but it’s pretty edible for me who doesn’t like veggies so it was an okay. Now, my beautiful burger, first I need to see what’s inside of it. I opened the bun and what I saw just a slice of beef and some salad on the top of meat with some mayonnaise sauce. The burger itself served with French fries. The size was okay, now we should check the taste. When this food came into my mouth, the first thing that I tasted was their beef, the texture of the beef itself was so soft and feels like minced meat even it’s not minced. Their BBQ sauce also so nice and blended with the beef, it smelled and tasted good just as I expected. For the salad itself, the mayonnaise sauce tasted sweeter than the usual but in a good way.

[Nutella Souffle]

And finally our soufflé arrived, it was served with some nutella sauce but the sauce's texture was kinda odd, it’s not so thick but not so slushy either. Especially when we poured it, the sauce was dripping all over the soufflé. For the soufflé, the top part was a lil’ bit rough and hard than the rest. For me, the top part is delicious and the other part I liked was the bottom because it was perfectly backed and you can tasted some sugar sprinkles inside too. What made us disappointed was their middle part, it was too soft and kinda slimy and we thought that it was not done cooked.

When the bill came, I was shocked because we spent for almost IDR 600.000,00. As I remembered I only ordered the main course and drink only. It turns out that the portobelle fries itself costed IDR 99.000,00 and the soufflé costed us IDR 89.000,00. I thought it wouldn’t be that much, and I learned that for the next time I must make sure first about the price on the menu before order it. And what made me sulky all day was their service and tax is 20% and our subtotal was kinda high. In the end, I was so stuffed because my financial was not really good that time. This place may have good food but the cost is so pricey for me :’)

Another place that we stopped by after Wilshire was Crematology Coffee Roasters,

Crematology Coffee Roasters
Jl. Suryo No.25


It was not my first time in here, maybe my 3rd or 4th time, but I know that this place is really cozy and a perfect place to hang out. When we came, it was too crowded inside so we sat on the outside. What we ordered was just Cinnamon flavor latte and somekind of oreo cheese brownies because we only hang here for a short time.

[Table's Situation]
[Coffee Hangs]

The brownies tasted good especially their cheese which is my favorite part of it. I can barely tasted the oreo tho. For the coffee, you must not questioning it because it’s their specializes in here. The cinnamon was strong enough for me. We just sat here and enjoyed our food as we pampered our tummy and since their place is so nice, I can literally spend hours sit here and do nothing but unfortunately I can't.

An hour passed by, and we must separated from here, Quinta must go to Pacific place to buy something and I need to go to Central Park to meet my long lost brother ( ko Alex ). So. that’s how I spent my Saturday. Keep up with me through my blog's post. Thankyou for all whose read it and give some feedback. I'll try to take a better picture and make an interesting post next time.

Cheers! -  @alviansilver

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