Singapore Trip with Ko Sam - Part 2

September 23,  2015

Forty Hands
78 Yong Siak Street, #01-12, 
Singapore 163078

After we met Sonia, we moved to Forty Hands cafe that located near Plain Vanilla Bakery in Yong Siak Street. Sonia hadn't ordered anything before so she ordered some toast and french fries. One of Ko Sam's Singaporean friend told him that forty hands is one of the most famous cafe in Tiong Bahru. I tasted her food a little, it was a so so for me, but the sauce was nice.

[Random shot]

National Museum of Singapore
93 Stamford Road, 
Singapore 178897

Our next destination was the National Museum of Singapore. I personally wanted to see the museum here because it went viral on instagram itself. Singapore’s museum had become a good spot to take photograph. The entry fee for the museum was $5 for student and $10 for adult.


Inside the museum, there was so many historical artefact from the past and we could get many interesting history about Singapore. There was so many thing that I didn't know about Singapore, and we didn't even know that Singapore had been attacked by Japan the same as Indonesia. There were so many invention from the past too, and also they displayed many culture like clothes, weapon, interior design, art, toys from each era in Singapore. It was nice to know the culture of other's country.

[2nd level]
[Candid time]

Smith Street, Chinatown

After we visited the museum, we moved to Chinatown. We were looking for some street snack and food stall. I was looking for the temple I visited before last year with my mom. Last year, I bought some good street snack here near that temple. After searching for its location in google, I finally found the temple and it was located in Smith Street, Chinatown.

[Indonesian snack]
[Traditional snack]

In Smith Street, there was so many food stall that sold variety food from chinese food, seafood, and much more. We bought the skewer, it was seaweed chicken that I really love and the fried dim sum. If you guys visiting this place, you guys must try their seaweed chicken! Most of the skewer was sold $1 -  $2 each. I also bought my favourite drinks called water chestnut. I don't know what is chestnut but I really like it.

[Chicken seaweed]
[Water chestnut]

There was so many food stall here, and they put the tables and chairs on the street, I really like the food court's concept because it was located outside. It really nice to enjoy the food. Food that caught our attention was Katong Keah Kee Fried Oysters Omelette and Stingray from Boon Tat Street BBQ Seafood. Both of the food were really the best food I had that day, but I prefer the Oyster Omelette than the  Stingray. 

[Oyster omelette]

The omelette was basically just oyster that mixed with eggs while being fried, but the seasoning was perfectly in balance and made me addicted. Served with the special sauce that taste a lil' bit sour, a lil' bit spicy and a lil' bit sweet, it became one of the most recommended food in Smith street.

[Perfectly grilled]

The stingray was grilled perfectly that day. But it was really hard to eat the stingray because of their meat texture that made it hard to sliced. Why I prefer the omelette than the stingray? It was because they served the stingray with a really spicy sauce. As you guys know, I can't eat spicy food. It hurts my mouth lol. But actually I tasted it a bit, if you like spicy food, you could really enjoy eating this dishes.

September 24, 2015

[Gettin' ready]

This is my last day in Singapore, and our flight was at 8 PM that means we didn't have much time left. I had an appointment to meet Nita ( @nitaadoria ), she is my senior high school mate. She was in Chinatown that morning which was really close to our hotel. 

[Ho Kee Pau]

We bought bakpao ( steamed bun ) at Ho Kee Pau which is me and Ko Sam's favourite store because they sold the best bakpao in Singapore, I think. What you guys should order is their pork bakpao. We ate it first for our breakfast so we didn't get hungry on the way.

After we met Nita and her family in Chinatown, we moved to Bugis using MRT. Her family wanted to visit the temple in Bugis, as for me, Ko Sam and Nita, we separated with her family because we wanted to visit Haji Lane ( the street in Bugis which is famous because of the painted mural on the wall and cute cafes ).

[Haji Lane]
[Haji Lane #2]

Meomi Cat Cafe
668 North Bridge Road, Ground Level, 
Singapore 188801

Not so far from the Haji Lane, we saw the Meomi Cat Cafe halfway and we were really curious about  this place. We never been to a cat cafe before. It made us want to visit it once. It was priced for $13 for the entry and you got a drink ( choose between orange or apple juice ), and if you want with the food combo, it costed $18.

[Playing with the cat]

It was really a lovely place filled with so many cats and also their playground. They had the best type of cats that so fluffy and made you want to hug them and squeeze them. If you're a cat lover, this place would be your paradise. But the cat was too hyperactive so they played with themself and like to ignored us a lot, boohoo so sad :(

[Ko Sam with the cat] 
[Cat playground]
[He like to play with the cat]

Anyway we got scolded from the owner because we didn't know that we are not allowed to lift them up lol :p


Moving on, we separated from Nita after visiting the cat cafe, because she had to meet her relatives, so Me and Ko Sam was enjoying our last meal before going to the Airport at Bugis.

Eleven fingers ( Eu Kee ) Scissors Curry Rice
3838 Eating Place (269B Queen Street. #01-235.)
Singapore 180269

[Curry rice]

It was really a nice last meal I had. Who could resist the overflow curry gravy splashed at your hainanese rice? Their curry was the best, and the hainanese rice had their unique taste too. It was cheap and tasty and what's more? BELLY PORK! yesssss, chopped belly pork served at the top of this amazing food was surely a mouthgasm for me! 

We pampered our tummy with the best food before leaving Singapore, after we ate, we moved to our hotel and started to packed our luggage. One thing for sure, 2 and a half days wouldn't be enough for us to enjoy this city. We would come back to this place again for sure and explore everything they offered to us, but for now, Goodbye Singapore. We really enjoyed our visit! :)

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