Weird Beach Obsession


Hi there,
It's been a long time since my last post, I'm currently busy with my academic life. This month is such a bit*h for me. Not only we have so many lecture but also I've got 3 test this month. Done my first and second mid test, now It's only the final test. Anyway it's only 8 hours to go for my final test, but I'm so not ready this time and kinda giving up, that's why I decide to make a post because I need some stress reliever.

What I'm gonna talk about in this post is my current weir obsession about beach!! Lol, I know I know calm down everyone. The thing you guys should know about me is everytime I'm visiting Bali, I never go to the beach. Can't you believe it ? I had visited Bali so many time in the last 2 years and haven't touch the beach yet ?

Well, that's why on my last time in Bali that I posted before, finally I came to this not-so-new-beach named Echo Beach

It was my first time coming to this beautiful beach. But it was kinda quiet in here, because there was not so many food stall, restaurant or other shops in here. But don't underestimate first, because if you're looking for some "me" time you are welcomed here.

White soft sands, clear blue skies and the sound of the unlimited wave was something we would like to enjoy and spoiled ourself, right ? well it's a yes for me. I felt like I could lay on the sand and listen to my favourite music all day long here!! But unfortunately my visit was short, so I could only take a walk and took some pict in here as you can see below.

[Hot sands]
[Not quite sure what I'm doing]

Did you see their magnificent beach ? and it was still clean since not so many people or tourist know about this place. Although It was just short visit, but I begged to Ko Sam ( my brother ) to have a fresh coconut before leaving. Because I really love fresh coconut and since we were in the beach, so why not having one ? duhhh! By the way this place also offered nice seafood restaurant and mini bar so you could enjoy your cocktail or beer while enjoying this beautiful scenery from the beachside.

[Ko Sam]
[Fresh coconut]

That was a time I'm thinking how beautiful and enjoyable my life is while slurping my coconut. But reality hits me back when I arrived in Jakarta, bla bla bla bla bla, so many assignment and test to do, and dealing with annoying people again, yada yada yada but that's life peopleee! sometimes you're in heaven and one second later you're in hell. 

I couldn't forget my beach experience that day and had this weird hallucination about laying on the sand while the sun kissed my skin. But thanks God, once again I'm hittin' the beach, but this time it was in Sambolo beach in Anyer, West Java. 

Well you probably wouldn't believe it since I'm such a lazy person but I'm actually one of the member of Asian Medical Student Association or you can called it AMSA in my campus and every year AMSA has an event for their new member called Malam keakraban; Makrab ( Bonding Night ). It is an event when you go somewhere about 3 days 2 nights to bond our relationship between the senior and junior member and we just only play in there and I came here as a Publication and Documentation committee.

And for the first time Makrab AMSA was held at the beach, yeayyyy!! beach! beach! beach!

[Hell yeahh!]

Anyway, the good thing was they picked a clean and quiet beach for our Makrab, but I was so busy since I am one of the committee back then. It's okay, I still could enjoy the beach while we were having a break, at least my beach obsession is fulfilled. 

[Hey beach]
[Took this candid pict with my senior]

But Holiday is comin' right? maybe you guys could planning on hittin' and have a wonderful journey to the beach lol. Go ahead and have some joyful beachy beach time! While I should pass today test before :') Goodluck for me then, I really need a bunch of luck! Oh yeah, See you again guys!


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