August Recap

A lot of things has happened since my new semester has begun.
So here's my recap about random stuffs like my university life, some restaurants' reviews, my getaway and etc..

[New Semester]

Well, my 3rd semester has begun and I still have no idea what I've been studying until now. All these weeks passed by and I still don't get anything lol despite me always ditching every class like usual. For classes that I didn't come, I studied all the slideshows alone before so I can play and go around. But it's not working. 

At 24th of August 2015, Monday morning I had my mid test, and I couldn't do it, almost half of my answer sheet was still blank. It was really hard for me. I wanted to scream and cry at that time. I looked my left and right, I thought most of them could do well except for me lol. I might regret ditching classes a lil' bit but still it's hard to go to class.

A week before exam, I was so depressed and ran out of motivation to do anything. I had some huge problem for everything, maybe that's the reason now I'm being so hypocrite since human always left you disappointed. It was hard for me to continue, so I decided to take a flight to Bali to have meet-up with my big bro, but it wasn't just once but twice. My first getaway was Tue, 18th of August 2015 - Wed, 19th of August 2015. I took my flight back to Jakarta at Wednesday night because the next day I had skills lab that I'm obligated to attend and also at Friday morning I had a problem based learning (PBL) too that's why my next trip is after that PBL class, at 21 August 2015, Friday noon until Sunday noon, 23 August 2015.

[Quick bite before departing]

There's nothing much I did in Bali, I didn't have any plan to come there, so I just slept around and played with my bro ( Ko Sammy ). All that I needed was to go far from here, Jakarta. Forget all about the bitchy and stuffy problem there. That's why I didn't have good photos of some cafes because I didn't go to any cafe. But I always come to The Sambas for their Bingke cake and roasted chicken hainam for my breakfast.

[Bingke Cake]

I always order the cheese flavoured bingke cake, it's become addicting especially when you ate it with the ice cream and the chocolate syrup on top. It's soooooo good!

[Before leaving Bali]

I may not had a chance to do cafe hopping but I'm quite satisfied with some photos I took at the airport before going home. Lol I haven't changed my profile picture for a long time.

[Airport Fashion]
[Coming home]

Oh yeahh, a funny thing happened a week ago.
Some of my friends and I wore shirts with the same color at the same day, yeapp! It was blue! My fav color. We accidentally wore the same color and since it's kinda fun, we decided to took a pict :

[From left to right: Eric, Suryanto, Quinta, Lidya, Shanen, Bobby, Nathania. Me]

These guys are some of my friends that I'm glad to meet in this University, I use to play, go to canteen, and stuffs with them. Starting with Eric ( @eric_khm ), Suryanto ( ): his room is next to mine in the dorm, Quinta ( @quintafebryani ), Lidya ( @lidyatanjaya ), we use to call her "Teteh", Shanen ( @shanenre ), Bobby ( @christianbobbyy ): also in the same dorm as mine and sur, Nathania ( @nathaniathedra ): we call her "Nia". Basically the girls are my best biatch in uni life and the boys are the one of best people I've ever met here. They help me a lot with my uni life.

You might be wondering what did I do in my uni life since I looked so happy and enjoying it so much, well if you're not happy or stressed out, just eat. That's what I do, forget about study, treat yourself with some good food. So here are some restaurants that I visited in August :

Mujigae Resto, Pluit Village

Pluit Village is not so far from my University, it took 10 mins by car, usually we use taxi to get there. There's a good korean restaurant called Mujigae, I used to eat at Mujigae Serpong when I was in Tangerang but now it's too far to get there. What I really love about Mujigaee is their Dolsot bibimbap, I don't know what are the ingredients but most of them are just rice, vegetables, egg and some beef. I've heard that bibimbap in korean means dog food because you need to scramble the food until it's totally formless and looks like dog food. Lol, other things that I like is their korean fried chicken, it tasted sweet and their sauce is so nice and also their Japchae ( korean fried noodle ). Most of the foods in here is quite satisfied me except their kimchi, it's too watery and doesn't taste nice at all.

By the way, I'm having an addiction to Sour Sally Black Sakura yogurt.


I always order the Riche size ( 5 toppings ) and the matcha latte sauce on top is the perfect combination of yogurt. But if you want to eat this, prepare yourself because your mouth will go black, and I heard their Black Sakura is good for detoxing your body.

Sometimes, I just go out together with Quinta, one of my 'hedon' friend. Yeap, we like to spend money for good food. We went cafe hopping once at Senopati. Our intention was to talk about the trailer's plot for our upcoming work on an event, but our 'real' intention was different. We only could go to H Gourmet & Vibes and also Le Cafe Gourmand.

And for my other wolfpack, Felix ( @felixhindarto ) and Michael Jonathan ( @michaeljonathan96 ), we also get to go once this month to Senopati after mid test to Gastromaquia and H Gourmet & Vibes too.

H Gourmet & Vibes

[Salad and platter]

When I was with Quinta, we ordered the platter and the salad. Their salad is so nice and they have their own special sauce and garnish and that make their salad so good and also I love how they roll the bacon outside the vegetables. Made me forgot about the vegetables part.

As for the second time here with Felix and Mjo, we ordered Munchies, it's a platter for 3-4 people. We got some bruschetta, bacons, rolled bacons, fried mushroom, potato chips and chicken stick. It's the best platter because all of its content are my fav food, especially bacons. What makes it special is they add some honey or maple syrup at the platter and that's perfect for this platter. I really want to go back and order their platter again.

[Munchies Platter]
[Left to right: Mjo, Felix, me]
[Good Ambience]


When I was about to come to this place, my senior told me that I should try the octopus appetizer so I decided to give it a try. I'm really excited about this place because I saw several people post about it and it looks stunning, so I asked Felix and Mjo to come here first before H Gourmet & Vibes.

[Octopus and prawn]

Finally we ordered only the appetizer platter, the octopus and the prawn, I forgot their menu name. Well it's a bit pricey but I couldn't blame the price since it's a french restaurant. As for me the Octopus is only covered special sauces, and nothing special about it. The octopus itself is kinda flat and not savoury, but I like the cream, it tastes kinda cheezy and smells nice also. As for the butter sauced prawn, I think this one is better than the octopus. Their texture is nice and it's really nice to enjoy them because it's quite light and perfect combined with the bread.

[Mojito and pineapple sorbet]

Oh yeah, since the 3 of us posted about the food on instagram, we could enjoy some free sorbets. Mjo and I picked the Mojito flavour, the mojito is really strong and sour and Felix picked the pineapple which is kinda flat, but you still can feel the pineapple essence.


We might agreed that their food is kinda good, and their place is so lovely. They've got this white wall and flawless lamp made with fork and spoon and their outdoor terrace is so nice to take a good pict. We might enjoy hanging around and chatting with friends in here, since they had some comfy sofa also. I might be coming back here again. 

[That awkward candid pose]

Le Cafe Gourmand

[Mine and Quinta's]

This one specialises in ice cream, with many colorful cones such as red, green, blue, yellow, brown, and black. I forgot what we ordered here since it was a long time ago. But from what I remember, there are many new ice cream flavours you might've never heard before. 

As we were enjoying our ice cream, me and Quinta quite enjoyed the ambience in here, this place is really lovely and there are so many good spots to take a pict here. Their ice cream is not pricey and I think it's worth to buy. The ice cream is also so rich of flavour and make you wanna eat more despite their cute looks. So grab your ice cream here!


At the first week of August, 
I had some quality times with my senior high school friends too, Kurnia ( @leonardus_kurnia ) and Nita ( @nitaadoria ), because both of them are the only available persons and since we're still on our holiday. We decided to meet up at PIK. First thing that comes into my mind was korean food, so I asked them if they wanted to eat at Seorae or not, and they agreed.


[Korean lunch]

Yeap, one thing about korean food is their grilled food is the best ever, we ordered some meat like king galmaegisal ( I don't know which part of pig's body it is ) and then we ordered some pancakes too. For the pancake, it's a big no. I don't like it, it's too ordinary and too pricey as well. The pancake used some kind of soy sauce to make it taste better tho. For the grill, it's always delicious no matter what it is in here. Galmaegisal tasted kinda sweet but also savoury and a bit juicy. 

The other menu which is probably what I like the most, is their Cold noodles called Makguksu if I'm not mistaken. You might think it's kinda weird to have shaved ice in your noodle and you might think it'll be weird or disgusting. But after I tried it, it's really delicious. I love the spices they put on the noodle, it's a lil' bit sour but most of it is sweet and blend well with the seaweed. I definitely will be coming back for more of this!


BC's Cone

After we ate our lunch at Seorae, we move into the famous BC's Cone for dessert. What I like about this place is their platter. It's a 6 mini ice creams with 6 different colored cones and 6 mixed flavours also with 6 different toppings and the price is affordable.


But unfortunately when we came, they only had the cream soda and strawberry flavours only. Well it's still nice and okay also we didn't had any choice.

[From left: me, Nita, Kurnia]

As my second visit this month with Quinta, we tried their new menu, it's Kue Cubit (cubit means pinched in english and kue means cake ), also with 5 different flavours. As for me, I'm not a really big fan of Kue cubit  so for me it's a so so but Quinta never tried this kind of cake before so she said that she like their red velvet and taro only and the others was not really that good.

[Kue cubit]

And one of my best moment in August was meeting a new friend.
It's Ci Filicia ( @flyingfili ), I know her since she commented on one of my post in this blog and we decided to have a meet up and also she's one of Ko Joan's friend. She's one of the bloggers that contributes in Candy After Dinner's Blog 

We met up at Hide & Seek Swillhouse at SCBD.
She showed me before about the place and we're quite excited because this place looks stunning. But when we got there, we're kinda disappointed because it was too dark even in the noon and since I'm only taking photos with my iPhone, I couldn't get a nice pict so we just used Ko Joan's dslr camera.

I only ordered a salad because I'm on a diet lol, their salad is pretty much ok for me since I'm not a big fan of vegetables. Thankfully, I quite enjoy the food here.

[Caesar Salad] 

We also took some pict in the front door because it's quite fancy for a photospot.

[Me and Ci Fili]
[Ko Joan and Ci Fili]
[The girl behind Candy After Dinner]

After that we moved to the next place, it's beside Hide & Seek, there's a nice coffee place called Blumchen Coffee.

[Blumchen Coffee]

It's rare to find cheap coffee shop in SCBD area, we're kinda surprised with the price here despite their fancy-looking store. I also ordered some croissant with ham, since my first time trying croissant at Home Mate Bali, now I'm a lil' bit addicted to croissant, that's why I ordered it.

[Ham and cheese croissant]

Their croissant is good but not the best I've ever had, their coffee is also ordinary but I think it's worth the price. The nice food and also lovely ambience here made us enjoy talking and gossiping. It was quite fun to meet a new friend. I'm also blessed that someone really appreciate my post here.

That's all about this August Recap, some of my activities on August might have been posted on other post. I hope you guys enjoyed my post and sorry for some grammar mistakes that I made, please bare with it. I'll try to improve my English.



  1. on diet? excuse me? ON DIET? Hahaha.

    Look at the amount of food you posted this month and you said you are on diet? Lol. Anyway, that Korean cold noodle looks interesting. I have heard about it before but never really tried it. I did not even know that there is anyone selling it here. So, thanks to you! I think I will try it later when I visit it.


    1. YASHHH, I am on diet,
      Lol yeappp it's so nice. Tell me if you go to seorae, we should meet up again and take your blogger's partner also