To the Hottest City in Indonesia, Pontianak - Part 2

Just got back from Pontianak and I couldn't sleep tonight, so I decided to continuing the rest part of my Pontianak's visit.

Kwecap Veteran
Jalan Veteran No. 37, 
Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat 

Last night, I had these mini culinary trip with Ci Agatha Devie, Ci Cika and Ci Yohanna. They picked me up at Ayani Mega Mall and we headed down to the famous Pontianak signature cuisine. This was my first time trying these Kwecap. 

[Table's situation]

So I will just describe what I had last night, first they gave me these glutinous thing in my bowl made by rice flour rolled with sticky texture then added some lard and garlic. 

[First bowl]

On the other bowl, there was this soup filled with crispy pigskin, pork, fishball, beancurd and many more.

[Second bowl]
I ordered Liang Teh ( tea ) for the drink but I was quite shock when I looked at the color of the Liang Teh, It was purple, like literally purle!

[Liang teh]

This kwecap was so nice, especially the fried pigskin, tasted good when you eat it with that sticky thing. The soup was nice and everything was perfect for me.

Kwe Kia Theng 889 Ok
Jalan MerapiPontianak
Kalimantan Barat

[Kwe Kia Theng 889 OK]

Hopped from Kwecap, now we were moving to another local food that I never heard also, because most of them were using the Tio Ciu language ( a lil' bit similar with Chinese ) for their food and I was born not-so-chinese that's why I never tried food with weird Chinese name.


This time we were eating the Kwe Kia Theng, Kwe Kia Theng was kinda similar with kwe tiaw, but the difference was the kwe tiaw was wider and square shaped also served layered, then put some soy sauce soup with pork ( also intestines ), and egg.

You may not believe if I tell you that after we ate those Kwecap and Kwe Kia Theng, we still had this empty stomach for the dessert, but yes we still had! We bought the Lek Tau Suan and Mochi for our dessert!

[Table's situation]

Lek Tau Suan is a sticky sweet soup that filled with beans. You know if you spoon the soup, you'll see the sticky texture that reminds you of snot. I tried not to think that way when eating Lek Tau Suan, but I couldn't helped it. Because it did looks alike!!

[Street view]

Yeahh, we sit beside the street while enjoying our snack, quite a nice view to chat and hang around with your friends.

[Lek Tau Suan]

My 2nd day almost over, and before went home, I asked Ci Devie what should I eat for tomorrow, yeapp I got the list but too bad I was asleep until 4 PM today. Not much hours left before my flight to Jakarta, and I really wanted to eat Chai Kue again, so I decided to eat Amchick that beside gleam cafe so after we eat amchick, we will moved to Gleam for the Chai kue.

American Fried Chicken
Jl. Diponegoro No.114, 
Pontianak Sel., Kota Pontianak, 
Provinsi Kalimantan Bar. 78243

[Table's situation]

Amchick is how they called this store. They served fried chicken like Mcd or KFC, but this one was different. Their skin was less crispier than the other had and the chicken wasn't that good. 

[Fried bread]

What's really made my eyes popped out was their plain fried bread and their corn soup. Best corn soup ever in my life, so tasty and worth the wait. Fried bread also nice, These two food combined was perfect for my lunch in the rainy evening.

[Gleam's Chai Kue]

Then moved to the store beside for some Chai Kue before leaving Pontianak, huftt I will miss these Chai Kue for sure. Then my other dorm's mate Suryanto ( ) that just arrived from Jakarta picked me and Bobby to the airport.

[Suryanto, me, Bobby]

After they sent me off to the airport, I checked in and waiting for my flight to Jakarta. I had a nice culinary experience in Pontianak and maybe I'll come back later, but I'll make sure my Pontianak friends are coming too. So we could enjoy Pontianak more and more.

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