Getaway to Pari Island

How y'all have been doing?

Holiday is almost over. As for me, this week is my last time to enjoy and do something for my holiday. Yes, next week is the beginning of new semester, same routine, daily lecture and bla bla bla..

So, to spend my week really wisely, I asked my friend to do a trip to Pari Island.
I've been planning to visit some island since last year, and finally I've got a chance now. First I personally asked one of my friend and the rest is her work.

My trip was quite short, it's a 2 days and 1 night trip. There's 6 of us, me, Bryan ( @bryan_aristaa ), Brazelton ( @brazelton2296 ), Nathan ( @michaelnathanielb ), Maria ( @memarielle3 ), and Cindy ( @cindyusuf ). We started it at Wednesday, 5th August 2015. First of all, I'm walking from my dorm to Bryan and Brazel's dorm at early morning, it was 4.45 AM when I've got there. Their dorm is not far from mine and it only takes 5 mins walking there. I already bring my backpack and stuff. In there, there was Maria and Nathan who already there. After 5 of us met up, we took Bryan's car and drove it to Cindy's house. Bryan parked his car in front of her house and we moved our bags and things to Cindy's car. Her mom drove us to the port in Kali Adem, Muara Angke. It's quite near from our area so we didn't worry about getting late. We used the travel package from a local guide there called Muji Travel and we must paid IDR 410.000,00 each person and we got a homestay with air conditioner, breakfast, lunch, dinner, a BBQ set, and snorkeling. So at that morning I've got a message from Mr Muji that we need to look for Mr Buthong at the port to take us to the boat.

[Kali Adem Port]

As soon as we arrive, we tried to find Mr Buthong and we walking through the port and we still couldn't find him. We almost at the edge of the port but we still not found what we're looking. He said that he wore black t-shirt, blue pants and a cap but in the end we still cannot find him. So we took a break and had some breakfast like chicken porridge. After we contacted him through a message, he said that we should looking for a boat named "Cinta Alam", so we rushed to the boat and an old guy asked us where we want to go and we said we were taking a trip by Mr Muji to Pari Island and he let us get in the boat.


We sailed at 7.15 AM and it's not a really big boat, it's 2 level boat and I think it fits 50 people each level. We were so tired and sleepy at the same time, Bryan, Nathan and Cindy were asleep until we arrive and I was not sleeping because I couldn't get the right position. Actually, I don't have seasick and most of time I use boat or ferry I never felt sick either. But just at this time I'm feeling not good and want to throw up, maybe because it was too crowded at where we sit in the low level. So I'm hoping that I'm not puke during the trip. It took us 2 hours to the Pari Island. and finally we arrived safely

[Beauty of the seaside of Pari Island]
As we arrive there, there's someone named Japra, he is our guide and he took us to our homestay. The homestay is quite nice, it has 2 bedrooms and 4 beds, the toilet is nice too so we're not worry about sleeping or washing. Since it's a tiring trip, some of us fell asleep but not to me and Nathan. Both of us come outside and we found that beside our house there's a small shop that sell pop ice ( it's a brand for a drink that popular when we still a kid ) and also Indomie ( most delicious instant noodle ). So both of us bought pop ice and chillin' at the terrace of our house.

Not so long after that, Japra brought us our Lunch, It's a home cooked food and looks really nice

[Our Lunch]

There's some dried anchovy, spicy fried fish, some vegetable soup and watermelons for our dessert. Each of the food taste nice and we ate it until nothing's left on the plate. We're really hungry at that time lol.

After lunch, we ride a bicycle and looking around the Pari Island. We found a beach near there. It's really quite. No one's there except us. We played a lil' bit and took some photo. The others was throwing rock and see who's got farther but I just record a video of them and got them in slow-mo. It was quite nice and cool but also at the same time we laughed at Maria's hair that looks like shampoo commercial.


So after that we just went back to our house and left our bicycle there and then Japra came back and told us to get ready for our snorkeling. We just bring one bag and it was Cindy's then we put our changes cloths and gadget there, also we brought our money too but not so much just to pay for banana boat later because it's not included in our package. We bought some ice cream first while waiting for our boat that took us to the sea.

After 30 mins waiting, our boat arrived. We're kinda disappointed because it's not our private boat and we must share it with 2 other groups but we're just fine with it. We're tired and sleepy and the trip to the spot for snorkeling is kinda far.

[From left: Brazelton, me, Cindy, Bryan, Maria, Nathan]

It's my first time snorkeling. Actually I like this kind of water sport but whenever I'm on holiday. I never try it before because my family is not that kind of 'fun'. They're not into a playfulness trip and just like to enjoy the scenery. As for me, I'm not really into trying new thing alone, I need some friends to accompany me.

When we arrive at the spot in the middle of sea, we get down one by one to the water. My first impression was like I couldn't hold my position. I was a bit nervous because I can't swim really well and I think it's okay because we had life jacket but when I touch the water, I just couldn't hold it and let the wave take me anywhere. Lol, because the life jacket makes me float but in horizontally position so my head was drowning a lot. I want my body position to be vertical so I can move around. It tooks 15 mins to master it and now I can move freely.

It's so cute that I could see fish so close and we bought a biscuit to feed the fish and there's so many fish around us and we got a chance to take a picture with the fish. The guide is quite handy and he took some photo for us but some of it was so blurry and not good but we got individual shot underwater, well it still not showed our face because we use the mask but we can tell who is it by their clothes.

[Yeay Snorkeling!]

After an hour snorkeling around we saw that the other groups has gone back to the boat and change their clothes, we actually feel the disadvantages because we must share the boat and we should got back to. But the guide said that we will go to the next spot if the others in the boat agree with it. We put our hope high but after a while, we felt that we are heading back to the island and just as we predicted. Yeap, we're going back. We're so disappointed because at the package it told us that we got 3 spot of snorkelling but we got only one. Well, it made us feel sad but I'm quite happy and it's a fun experience for me

[Snorkeling kit]

After that we continue to our next plan, banana boat. And also was the first time for me. They told me when the banana fell off we must loose our hands from the handle. So I try it and at our first time the banana boat fell off, it was a disaster, we bump each other when we fell, I remember that I kick someone too. But the funniest is, Maria's head hit Cindy's cheek and she got a big bruised and couldn't laugh until the end of our trip lol. As for the next one, we handle to hit each other but not so hard like the first one. It cost us IDR 35.000,00 each person for the banana boat.

After that we got back to our house and take a shower. Because there's only one bathroom so we must queueing. Since we're too hungry and really craving for Indomie. All of us bought it at the shop beside our house. Indomie is the most promising food to eat whenever and wherever you are. But because we still had dinner and the BBQ, we only take one each.


While we took a turn after to wash, we just talking in the terrace and it feels so nice and the ambience is really good. We talk and we sing along to Nathan's guitar and then we joke around. Japra brought us our dinner. We ate dinner at our house. and we still get ready for the BBQ. After we prepare. Japra took us with his bike and we also follow him with our bike too to the Perawan beach. The beach is really nice and the scenery was amazing. What I like about this beach is there's many small shack alongside the sea and there's a volleyball net too. So we could eat and play volley. Bryan, Brazel, Maria and Nathan was super happy and play volley for quite a time since they're still preparing our BBQ. As for me and Cindy we bought some coconut and just talk along and we feel connected to each other because we got some quite serious talk.

As the night comes, the BBQ was ready. It just grilled squid and fish. The squid was an OK but the fish really smelly and taste not fresh at all. I'm just disappointed by it but after that we kinda have this little game and we maybe drunk a lil' bit lol. and so so so so after that to continue the story, my head was kinda dizzy and I couldn't stand straight. So I moved a lot and then we playing and we laughing and we laying on the sand. We joke and play our heart out. It was one amazing night and really a quality time to spent with your friends.

[From left: Brazel, Nathan, me, Bryan, Cindy and Maria]

A night has passed and we just sleep. I forgot to bring my blankets so I'm feeling not good at the morning and I throw up twice lol. but I managed it so well, I eat some medicine and had my breakfast and then we go back to the port at 10 AM to go back to Muara Angke.

[Ready to go back]
[We're sailing]

My head is still heavy from last night and I just sleep when we're sailing for about 2 hours. Then the rest is we got to our home safely. The rest is I got back to my dorm and I slept for a day non stop. Even though it just for one and a half day but I quite enjoy it and maybe I'll visit this place again sometimes. See you soon Pari Island.

[Some shot before going home]
[End of my journey]

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