Saturday's Breakfie


So, today, I woke up early somehow and not so after that one of my dorm's friend, Dega ( @degasentosa ) asked me to had breakfast with him and Bryan ( @bryan_aristaa ). So I told him that I will join them. We also picked Lidya a.k.a Teteh ( @lidyatanjaya ) at her dorm too and we're set to go!

Our destination was Pasar Muara Karang ( Muara Karang Market ), there's so many different ethnic chinese from outside Java that stay in here and make a business. Most of them open up a restaurant because they have their own local's recipe and it's suitable for our taste of food. 

[Our Breakfast]

When I first came here, my impression was like Woa! There's so many chinese food that I've never taste before and it was confusing to pick one of the stall because every food in here looked so tasty and I could sense their smell from far also. 

So we picked one of the restaurant and there's 5 type of different stalls inside that sell Kway teow ( Idk how to write it but Indonesian usually type it as Kwetiau ), bee hoon ( bihun ), porridge, fried rice and last is Soto ( Javanese traditional food ).

We ordered fried Kway teow for me, 2 fried rice for Dega and Bryan and boiled bee hoon for Teteh. As the food came, I noticed that the restaurant are so generous because they gave us many big prawns in our food. My fried kway teow was so perfect because I'm not a big fan of kway teow, and the fact is I never had a good kway teow before, but this one was different. I found it seasoned really nice and I like their soy sauce. Another thing that concerned me was they put some salted fried duck egg on my food and also the fried rice, I thought the duck egg is the primary reason why their food tasted different from other in a good way.

We stayed here for some time, enjoyed our morning and even talked about many stuff. Suddenly I remembered that my bro, Ko Sam always bought some Bakpao from A store in Muara Karang and I asked them to visit there and they agreed.

Bakpao A Satu 
Jl. Pluit Karang Utara No. 30 - 32
Pluit, Jakarta

[Chinese snack and cake]
[A-Satu's package]

Their store actually looks like any other convenience store. They sell many snacks and drinks like supermarket and even many imported snacks such as Kitkat's cheesecake or even Jagabee. There's also many Chinese cake and snack. I saw they sell many packaged moon cake and I remembered that it's almost time for that Moon Cake festival.

[Normal Size Bakpao]
[Small Size Bakpao]

Me and Teteh bought two small Bakpao with red pork filling. And yes, this is the tastiest Bakpao I tasted so far in my life, the pao's dough itself was so fluffy and not rough. Their pork is the best, well pork never disappoint us anyway. But It's really a must-try bakpao. I was kinda regretted it a bit that we bought the smaller one because we just ate before but the more you eat, the more you want to stuff this bakpao into your mouth.

[Taste of Heaven]

Last Thursday I was shooting for the trailer for the musical drama in my University and its taking effect on my fatigue until now. I hope the best for the other months. Thanks God that I have these Publication and Documentation Team thats really dependable. Anyway, this next week I'm gonna be busy. Because it's Exam Week. I had some exam on Monday and Tuesday. As for the End Test itself will be held on next Friday. And I still had to do my job because I joined so many committee for these several months. Hope I can do my best for the Test!

[Publication and Documentation Team]

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