2 Days Row Yogyakarta

[Borobudur Temple]

Hi there,
Welcome again to my another not-so-travel post! Today, I'll tell you about my last 2 days trip to Yogyakarta. After 3 days visiting Pontianak, at the next day I had some live in activity from my University for about 4 days and I should come because I'm one of the committee. Such a tiring experience and I was out of energy back then, so I took another flight straight after that live in activity at the next day to Yogyakarta.

[Bryan and Me]

Meet Bryan ( @bryan_aristaa ), he's one of my best buddy in University and he was my travel partner this time. Then the one who picked us up from the Adi Sucipto International Airport was Dega ( @degasentosa ), my other dorm's mate who lived in Yogyakarta so we didn't really concerned about transportation here.

Warung Sate Kambing "Pak Tris"
Kronggahan, Mlati, Kec. Sleman

[Table's situation]

Just arrived at Yogya, Dega took us to this famous yet delicious goat satay! With their rich of flavours and a lil' bit spicy condiment, this goat satay really satisfied us. The place was so crowded and we must wait for our food to be served.


All of the spices blent into one in my mouth, what a nice sensation enjoying this food, all of the flavours at the right place and I couldn't speak anymore, this was just amazing!

[Pak Tris]

Then, after eating those Goat satay, we headed straight to the most wonderful temple in Magelang. Yes, it was Borobudur Temple which was one of the seven wonders from Indonesia.

[Borobudur Temple]

Never got bored visiting here, maybe that's because I'm buddhist but how can you get bored looking all of this amazing and stunning temple, all of the ornaments, and also their details. It was perfect!

[Me, Dega, Bryan]

But our visit time here were short, suddenly the rain came and we even didn't reach the top of the temple. It was too bad because our journey from Yogya to here were not short, it took one hour and we only could enjoy this temple just for 30 mins and we headed back to Yogya again.

Then we continued our journey back to Yogya and we stopped at Pasar Beringharjo and looked for some Batik because Dega said in here we could get nice quality Batik with a cheap price and also I could enjoy drinking 'Es Dawet' which was one of the to-do-list at Yogyakarta.

[Es Dawet]

Back then, Yogya's weather weren't so friendly, all day raining and windy. So we decided to stay at our hotel, but before that we stopped to this small yet tasty warung near the Bethesda Hospital.

Bakso Bethesda
RS Bethesda, Jl. Yohanes Nurhadi, 
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

[Bethesda Meatball]

What a perfect companion on a rainy day, this tasty meatball could made our body warmth and the best thing was, there was a street singer that sang us christmas song so we could feel the christmas vibe.


Rain was stopped after we ate the meatballs, then we went to our hotel to checked in and took a shower before shopping at Malioboro street.

Greenhost Boutique Hotel
Jalan Prawirotaman II No. 629, 
Mergangsan, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 


I was dazzled with this small and lovely hotel. All of the interior was grey and green. The building was so minimalist and eco-friendly, they planted almost all of the hotel area with cute green plants.


And if you visit their rooftop, you'll find this agriculture plants all over the rooftop, and you can see how lively in here, so fresh and green!


What I really liked about this place was their price for these kind of facilities was not so high and I could tell that it was really cheap! I mean all of the beauty and simplicity of this hotel could cost a lot but thankfully this one was not.


And if I visit Yogya again, I'll stay at this place again, and even I could have some staycation here for one or two days.

At the night, we strolled around Malioboro street for some eye candy or else, we ate at the classic food street that sold here, yeapp it was pigeon!

[Grilled Pigeon]

You may pity the bird but actually it was not so different with eating chicken, because the texture was not so different, and the taste is the same even softer. The difference was the size because pigeon is smaller than the chicken.

[Table's situation]

But I think we picked the wrong stall to eat because, in this stall was not so good. After we ate we just go back to our hotel and sleep for the next day.

On the next day, We really had a lot of places to visit, because we'll go to the forest, hills, or whatever. We started it with going to the Hutan Pinus at Imogiri area

[Hutan Pinus]

What a magnificent view we had here, all of the tree were so tall and the sunlight that shine through the tree were a stunning!


What was really memorable about this place was we climbed up that small wooden stairs which is about 10 meters maybe, and got to see all the view from above!

[View from Up]

We had fun taking pictures and played at this forest, what a nice thing to started our morning.


Then we moved to another place called Gumuk Pasir, they said that this place had been use for music video shoot or else, well I couldn't agree anymore. look how beauty this place is


Moved on, we continued to Kalibiru, another nature's treasure that Yogyakarta have, with the breeze from the hills and the rain, we really couldn't do much except taking picture here


Near there, we moved to our highlight location list, yess it was Landasan Pacu!

[After Jump]
[La la]

Had so much fun travelling with my best bro, couldn't stop to plan where should we go next, although it was just 2 days, I really enjoy visiting Yogyakarta, and I hope I could go back to this city soon.

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